PAWS welcomes adoptable cats to make room for animals displaced by California fires


    Eight young cats from Sonoma County, Calif. were brought to PAWS in Lynnwood on Friday afternoon to ease the burden on animal shelters responding to massive wildfires in the area.

    Like dogs shipped to Lynnwood from Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey a few weeks ago, the cats brought to PAWS on Friday were homeless before the wildfires tore through Sonoma County. Bringing them elsewhere to seek new homes will create space in the shelters for found animals separated from their families during the fire.

    Some of the cats brought to Lynnwood are as young as 6 months old, while others are over a year old.

    The cats flew to Sea-Tac Airport on an Alaska Airlines flight Friday afternoon and were immediately brought to PAWS. On Friday, they were placed in transition kennels. Medical evaluations will begin Saturday, and some cats may be available to adopt as early as Sunday, though most will likely be available Monday.

    In addition to PAWS in Lynnwood (15305 44th Ave. W.), some cats may be sent to Cat City in Seattle (5200 Roosevelt Way N.E., Ste. B) when they are available for adoption, according to PAWS spokeswoman Laura Follis.

    This rescue mission is a partnership between PAWS, ASPCA, The Humane Society of North Bay and Alaska Airlines.

    –Story and photos by Natalie Covate

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