Sponsor spotlight: Reminder — indoor rowing clinic at 6 Movements Fitness Oct. 15


If you haven’t tried indoor rowing, you’re missing out on one of the most efficient and effective, forms of exercise available. There are so many benefits to rowing, including that indoor rowing:

  • is an enjoyable form of exercise, especially with a group
  • uses 84% of your muscles, making it a great way to build strength and burn calories
  • is easy to learn, especially from a certified instructor
  • can be used as a warm up, with other exercises, the primary workout or for cross-training
  • the level of effort is controlled by you setting the pace for high intensity conditioning, moderate cardio or a slowly to loosen the joints or meditate
  • is low impact and easy on the joints making it an exercise anybody, even those with knee issues, can do

6 Movements Fitness Studio, located in the Firdale Village Shopping Plaza in Edmonds, is a unique fitness resource for the community, offering small group and individual fitness classes, using indoor rowers, kettlebells and more. On Oct. 15,  6 Movements Fitness Studio will host Edmonds’ first Indoor Rowing Clinic.

If you’re interested in rowing, but not sure where to start, or you have tried rowing and found that without proper training it wasn’t enjoyable, or you want to improve your rowing and kill your WODs – this two-hour clinic is for you!.Participants will learn the fundamentals of rowing, how to use a Concept2 rowing machine (ergometer) and how to get the most out of rowing. No experience necessary.

Come learn from one of the country’s best rowing instructors, a World Champion, Olympian and Certified Master Rowing Instructor, Heather Mandoli Alschuler. Heather will not only teach you how to row properly, you will be smiling the whole time. And don’t worry, you won’t be rowing for the whole two hours. There are plenty of breaks and discussion in between short bouts of rowing.

Register now.

— Sponsored by 6 Movements Fitness Studio

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