Taming Bigfoot Edmonds to kick off with ‘Climate Change and You’ panel Oct. 24


Taming BigFoot Edmonds will launch at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, with a “Climate Change and You”panel presentation of scientists and climate leaders moderated by State Rep. Strom Peterson.

The panel will share new insights into the climate crisis with ideas how we can take action and make a difference. The event will be held at Edmonds United Methodist Church, 828 Caspers St., Edmonds.

The panelists include Dr. David Montgomery, a MacArthur Fellow and UW Professor who is an internationally recognized geologist, author and a specialist in carbon sequestration. He will be joined by Dr. Shallin Busch, a research ecologist at NOAA and a specialist in ocean acidification and how climate change may impact the North Pacific ecosystems. Science educator Laura Tucker will round out the panel with a perspective on how communities can work together to begin the transition away from fossil fuels.

In addition to the panel discussion, attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about Taming BigFoot Edmonds. This team-based game allows community members to explore how they can do their part to reduce carbon emissions. In the game, individuals can measure their own carbon footprint using a phone app (or forms) especially tailored for Edmonds and then work with their teams to strategize and try different ways to shrink their carbon footprint.

The participants will have an opportunity to get together with the other participants several times during the competition to share and learn from each other. These gatherings will also give participants a chance to hear from and be inspired by several groups of young people who are actively working on climate issues.

Bigfoot greets Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling during a rally in October.

Taming BigFoot Edmonds is being sponsored by the Taming BigFoot Steering Committee made up of Interfaith Climate Action, members of the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee and several Edmonds City Council members. The project has been endorsed by Mayor Earling, both U.S. and Washington state representatives and environmental groups.

For further information, visit www.tamingbigfoot.edmondswa.gov or call 425-610-6414. You can also earn more about the program in our earlier story here.


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  1. CO2 is plant food. Carbon Sequestion is a natural, one way, process thats pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and turns it into coal-oil, shellfish, and coral. An important concept is to know that all oil and coal that is in the ground used to be CO2 in the air. Plants used to grow and die, then pile up, because bugs hadn’t evolved to break them down. Trees in forest used to fall and become petrified. Instead of decaying like today, plant matter just piled up and CO2 was taken from the atmospere and stored as deposits. As CO2 levels fell over the course of millions of years, plants evolved to get by on as little CO2 as they could until today, where they are suffocating. If it weren’t for volcanoes that replenished CO2 in the air (replacing the CO2 that was sequestered by biological processes) then plants would have used up all of the CO2 in the air and would be a dead planet. The ecosystem over millions of years has gone through epochs. Its nice to think things are always in a divine balance and in a cycle that’s existed forever, but the biggest processes are one-way and permanent. Today’s epoch is regarding CO2. We are again at extremely low CO2 levels where plants are suffocating which is causing desertification, where areas of the planet which used to be covered in vegetation are turned into desert (such as the Sahara Desert). Over the course of millions of years, earth is now at the lowest levels of CO2 ever. Luckily, humans have been burning fossil fuels, which effectively puts CO2 that used to be in the atmosphere back into the atmosphere. Because of this, plants are more able make use of CO2 in photosynthesis. NASA has been measuring this effect for many decades and have concluded that the one-way carbon sequestration process has been reversed. The earth is getting greener and in many ways more healthy: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth

    A good point alarmists make is that CO2 is increasing too fast (they do admit we are at lowest levels). But there’s not a lot of science that looks at the rate of CO2 change, just science that studies nominal levels, and the science is soft at that. Research for yourself. What were CO2 levels millions of years ago? Why are plants dying and why have deserts been taking over the planet? Over millions of years, is there any connection to global temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere? Why have sea levels been falling for the last three years? Why is Antarctic ice growing?


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