Artfully Edmonds: Make Music! A full array of musical choices

Baby sings the blues when Shemekia and Matt are sharing the stage.

This is an Edmonds-Kind-Of-Week for music! The week’s downbeat is struck as Shemekia Copeland strides onto stage and Matt Andersen does what he does best — beat out the blues.

Then there’s jazz, funk and almost everything in between. Music enthusiasts — this one’s for you!

Thursday, Nov. 2
7:30 p.m.

Shemekia Copeland & Matt Andersen

Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA)

410 4th Ave. N.

Don’t sing the winter blues alone.

Shemekia Copeland, joined by Matt Andersen, will be wailing their style of blues, roots and soul music this week at ECA.

News of Matt Andersen’s performance style is going global now that he has taken home the Best Solo Performer at the Memphis Blues Challenge.

If you follow Washington Blues Society and totally dig this genre, get your tickets at the link below for Shemedia and Matt – they’ll be rockin’ Edmonds on Thursday.


~ ~ ~ ~

The coolest cats will be at Engel’s Pub this Saturday. See you there!

Friday/ Saturday
Nov. 3/ 4

Engel’s Pub

Live Music

113 5th Ave. S.

Dave Milzz and the Funkdub 40 Players play Engle’s on Friday. You will want to check out why their reviews read, “Showstopping!” Downbeat? 9 p.m. – as usual. 

– – –

Lou Echeverri & Friends start the party on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Snohomish County live music fans, look at this line-up!

It’s “potluck” royalty:

Lou Echeverri, Billy ReedAlan Smith and Dano Ma with Special Guest Steve Pearson from “British Racing Green.” Plus special guest bands:
Stoned AmericaJim LesliePhil Blodgett and Fred Holzman
Drive Train: Sue OelrichTery ConradJacque Kay KelleySteve Swanson and Dano Mac
Lone State: Guy Johnson, Lou Echeverri, Billy Reed, Alan Smith, Dano Mac

~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday, Nov 4
8 p.m.

The Troubadours

Edmonds Driftwood Players (EDP) Benefit

Wade James Theatre
950 Main St.

Edmonds Driftwood Players are putting out the tip jar and want us to join them for a special evening of stories and song.

The box office has lined up our fave EDP performers waiting in the wings to dance and sing across the boards. We hear they even have a short play they want to show us.

Edmonds Driftwood Players invite you to grab tickets for yourself and friends. It’s going to be fun – it always is!

~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, Nov. 5
5 p.m.

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

Benefit Concert

Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA)
410 4th Ave. N.

This benefit concert will help fund annual community events like the 4th of July, Halloween and the Tree Lighting. We have a night of amazing music in store featuring: “Blues Power Revue,” “Medicine Hat,” “The Edmonds All-Stars” and Pearl Jam Tribute “Washed in Black.” Don’t miss this opportunity to hear four amazing bands under one roof, all supporting spectacular Edmonds community events.

Tickets are available at the ECA’s online ticket outlet.

~ ~ ~ ~

Seated Folk Dancing! It’s going to be fun! Thanks Edmonds Center for the Arts and Edmonds Senior Center.

Monday, Nov. 6
10 a.m.

Seated Folk Dancing ~ Sponsored by

Edmonds Center for the Arts Dementia Inclusive Series

Edmonds Senior Center
220 Railroad Ave.

Silver Kite Community Arts invites participants to “travel the world” by learning a variety of folk dances from France, Greece, Russia, West Polynesia (Rarotonga/Cook Islands), Mexico, Japan, Turkey and Aztec cultures. Seated dance options available.

This event is part of the ECA’s Dementia-Inclusive Series and, as such, includes a line-up of arts engagement programs designed with accessibility for people with memory loss as a priority. Launched in 2015, the series developed collaboratively with the feedback and support of senior services organizations, memory care professionals, and arts groups in the Puget Sound region. Our mission is to create opportunities for people with memory loss and their care partners to connect and experience joy through the arts.

At press time there were only 10 tickets remaining for this event.

~ ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, Nov. 7
7 p.m.


Meadowdale Jazz Orchestras

Black Box Theatre on campus
6002 168 St. S.W.

Come out and celebrate our Edmonds-Lynnwood high achievers in music next Tuesday.

Tickets are available at the door of the Black Box Theatre.

~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, Nov. 8
7:30 p.m.

Salute to America

Edmonds Center for the Arts
410 4th Ave. N.

Three magnificent musical troupes are set to salute Veterans Day with a Salute to America next week.

The Everett Chorale, Shoreline Concert Band and the Snohomish County Youth Choir will bring the community together thanks to the event sponsorship of Coldwell Banker Bain of Edmonds (CBB).

Tickets for this event are available at the Edmonds’ CBB office, located at 108 5th Ave. s.

~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday, Nov. 11
3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Sing Out for America

The Sno-King Community Chorale

Edmonds Center for the Arts
410 4th Ave. N.

The Brothers Four are once again performing with the Sno-King Community Chorale under the direction of Frank DeMiero.

Tickets for this community event are available at the ECA online ticket outlet.

~ ~ ~ ~

Theatre Notes

Edmonds Driftwood Players will present Beauty and The Beast with a production run that begins Friday, Nov. 24.

Directed by Andrew Coopman, Beauty and The Beast will run through Sunday, Dec. 17.

This classic regales the love story between Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and The Beast, who is actually a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress.

If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse of the enchantress will end and he will be transformed into his former self. But time is running out; when given the opportunity, the Beast must learn his lesson quickly or his household will be doomed for all eternity.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Phoenix Theatre will be raising the curtain on Debra Rich Gettleman’s “Twist of the Magi” on Friday, Dec. 1.

The production, directed by Keith Dahlgren begins with O’Henry’s classic short story, Gift of the Magi.

But, in true Phoenix Theatre style the authentic 1940s radio station featuring a live, on-air broadcast goes off the tracks with a slew of disgruntled actors, their reticent stage manager, a frantic sound effects technician, a wacky female musical trio, a delinquent (and inebriated) Shakespearean prima donna, a jealous Italian femme fatale and a host of other broadcasting eccentrics.

This classic tale of holiday love and generosity unfolds through a series of comic twists and turns as O’Henry’s heroine, Della, trades her beautiful hair to buy a Christmas gift for her devoted young husband. Tortured by seller’s remorse, Della befriends an unlikely Yiddish Yenta, and the two women embark on a series of zany adventures to attempt to recover the lost locks.

“If you’ve grown tired of dancing sugarplums and shoeless match girls, this entertaining bit of holiday fare for the whole family is cathartic, goofy fun in a season that sometimes chokes on its own sentiment.” The Arizona Republic. 

The Phoenix Theatre troupe, which performed in the Seattle Fringe Festival this past summer, hits the mark on every production ~ if you are not a regular at this theatre, we have to ask. . “Why not? You don’t like laughing?”

Tickets on sale now!

~ ~ ~ ~

Marysville’s Red Curtain Foundation presents “My Three Angels” for the upcoming holiday season.

Friday, Dec. 1
8 p.m.

My Three Angels

By Sam and Bella Spewack

Red Curtain Foundation/Live plays

9315 State Ave. ~ Marysville

It seems that the Snohomish County playhouses are rolling out their holiday production notices all together this week.

Our friends at the Red Curtain Foundation in Marysville also have comedy in mind for the holidays. Hmm…What’s the message?

When three convicts are hired to repair the roof of a local estate, they end up getting tangled in family intrigue, and love, honor, and the Christmas spirit are on the line.

Red Curtain Foundation box office.

~ ~ ~ ~

Notable Exhibitions

Edmonds Arts Commission takes note of young artist

Tina Masoum

Frances Anderson Center
700 Main St.

The Edmonds Arts Commission presents an exhibit by Edmonds-Woodway student Tina Masoum in the McDevitt Young Artists Display Case at the Frances Anderson Center.

As an artist, Tina’s focus is on realism, primarily in portraiture. She uses graphite, colored pencil and various shading methods to achieve the mood and attitude she seeks for her subjects. She is self-taught, first developing her realism technique in junior high school by watching videos and studying other artists’ work.

Tina says of her inspiration, “Deborah Gibson, an illustrator and author, and my former recess teacher in elementary school, is my biggest inspiration. Her amazing work creating naturalistic scenes motivated me to draw more.  She continues to be someone I look to as a role model.” She is also inspired by her father’s drawing and her sister’s cartooning work.

Three of Tina’s portraits at the Frances Anderson Center highlight the emotional self. “untitled” highlights the happy state of mind of personal growth and the knowledge of where you are headed in life. “Sour Candy” is a reflection of confidence, calm and stoic strength; and “Unfinished” is a study of how imperfections, represented in the partially incomplete drawing, drive us to complete the picture of how we see ourselves.

Tina’s work has been featured in the student “Top Honors” exhibit at her school several times, and received two silver medals in the Washington State Scholastic Art and Writing exhibit. Her work will be on exhibit at the Crescenda Gallery next spring and Walnut Street Café Student Exhibit next summer.

Tina’s portraits are on display through mid-January.

For information about Edmonds Arts Commission, go to

— By Emily Hill

Emily Hill is the author of two novels and a short story collection. Emily is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at



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