Congratulations to the ‘In My Life’ photo contest winners


We have our winners in the In My Life photo contest.

We asked readers to submit their best “throwback photo” of any event or scene from the Beatles era, with the prize being free tickets to “In My Life,” a Musical Theater Tribute to the Beatles at Edmonds Center for the Arts Nov. 12.

Thanks professional photographer and Beatles fan Rod Ralston for overssing the entries. Here are our winners:

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It is with great pleasure and memory that I am submitting my photos of one of the most exciting times that I have ever experienced during and since the ’60s. Not knowing if we are allowed to submit more than one photo, I have included several photos. If I am lucky enough to be considered a finalist but must submit only one photo please select the one you feel is most appropriate.

These photos represent the memory of the second to last Beatles concert that the Beatles ever performed (San Francisco being the last). Unfortunately the photo from my Polaroid camera was way to small and blurred to submit.

The concert took place on Thursday, Aug. 25,1966 at the Seattle Center Coliseum. My girlfriend at the time purchased the two tickets for the “Two of Us,” for the unbelievable price of $6 each. If I recall we were seated in the front row (side seats). It was 32 minutes of deafening screaming but I enjoyed every minute. The photos are of the front and back covers of the original concert program as well as a few other inside pages. Also included is a photo of the original ticket stub and the envelope that contained the tickets.( I still have both the original program and the ticket stub to this day). These were purchased from then Shoreline Music which was located in the current Fred Meyer parking lot (formerly Valu-Mart) at 185th and Aurora in Shoreline.

In closing, I would like to say that I am such an avid Beatles fan and would love the opportunity to win a pair of “In My Life” tickets to relive the magic of The Beatles as performed by the high quality “In My Life” production.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

Ted Williams

~ ~ ~ ~

OK, so this is not quite the ‘60s, but it is the British band Wishbone Ash in 1974. The band visited the local Ft. Lauderdale radio station to promote their upcoming concert. There was a song called “Silver Shoes” on their album, so the radio station had a contest where fans were to show up wearing silver shoes for a chance to win tickets to the show (thus the variety of weird silvery shoes in the photo).

The top of my head is just visible in the center of the top picture, just to the right of the fellow with the top hat.


Larry Wechsler

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I’ve loved them all.

Rocking out with grandpa on my first piano, circa 1961. It would be several years before I would develop a full-blown crush on Paul McCartney, which continues unabated to this day.

True story: When Paul played Seattle a few years ago, I dared myself to actually yell out loud, “I love you, Paul!” It seemed about time. And I’m pretty sure he heard me … from the very, very back row on the 300 level.

Awesome contest!

Kris Betker

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This was my gang back in the day!!! I would love tickets !!

Stacy Declerque

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