Edmonds Diversity Commission to screen ‘Swim Team’ Nov. 18


The Edmonds Diversity Commission continues its Diversity Film Series at noon Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Edmonds Theater, 415 Main St. with Swim Team.

The movie tells the story of a competitive boys swim team formed to recruit diverse teens on the autism spectrum who otherwise are shunned by conventional swim clubs, and chronicles the team’s efforts to achieve both inclusion and independence.

The series takes a break in December, but returns in January the series will feature A Stray, the story of a teenage Somali refugee who struggles to make his way in America while still rooted in the traditional ways of his family, society and religion. He befriends a stray dog, and the situations that arise challenge his traditional sensibilities.

For February, Off and Running has been selected. This film portrays the life of an African-American teenage girl named Avery, who lives in Brooklyn. Adopted into a multiracial family, the matriarchs of whom are a Jewish lesbian couple, Avery must come to terms with her curiosity about her birth mother and also her place in society.

The March screening will feature Mi Vida Dentro (My Life Inside), the story of a controversial court case in Texas in which a young Mexican undocumented immigrant, Rosa, taken in by a family to care for their baby, is falsely accused of murder after the child dies suddenly. The film chronicles the harrowing trial, the unjust verdict and Rosa’s time in jail.

The final film in the inaugural series, scheduled for Saturday, April 21, is Out in America, featuring stories of two prominent members of the (American) LGBT community.

For more information, including a full synopsis of each film and to view trailers, visit the commission’s official website.

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