Edmonds Fitness Corner: The Last Athlete

Pritam Potts

There’s a young man who holds the distinction of being the Last Athlete to work with Coach Dan Potts.

I still remember the first day I sat in the living room with you and Dan, glove in hand, not knowing what to expect that day let alone the years to come.

His name is Lukas. He was a tiny little thing, just on the verge of turning 14, when and he and his mom came in for a consultation four years ago. His dedication and commitment to baseball was apparent.

Those first few sessions in the garage were the first time I had really ever learned to push myself. My whole life up to that point I had been told that I was a “hard worker” but I never really learned what it truly meant to work hard until I found myself doing side planks and split squats on the black mats.

In the next three months, despite increasing physical difficulties, Dan worked with Lukas as many times as he could. And after we lost Dan, Lukas kept on working with me.

You see, he was not just the Last Athlete to work with Dan, he was the ONLY athlete to continue training with me after Dan died.

I can look back at these four years and tell myself that I’ve given it my all and I truly believe that. I think he would believe that…. we’ve accomplished so much and I believe that Dan would be proud.

That first terrible year there was not a single workout with Lukas that it didn’t take every ounce of my strength to keep from screaming out loud at the brutal injustice I found myself in the middle of. This dedicated young athlete should never have been deprived of his rightful time with Dan! Whether he knew it or not, I knew it. The physical pain in my heart trying to process that loss in addition to my own was almost unbearable. But I never caved in. Sometimes . . . the minute that door closed behind him though . . .

And even though I knew I was doing a great job of training Lukas, I couldn’t give myself credit for being anything other than an inferior substitute — by way of tragic circumstance — for Dan and his mentoring, coaching and role modeling gifts that had been so valuable to so many young athletes.

But there was someone that knew I was more than just a placeholder for Dan.  Every workout, he worked even harder than the previous workout. After every single workout, “Thanks, Coach.”

There was a day following one of my elbow injuries that you spoke metaphorically about the process of rebuilding muscles, comparing it to adversity. In doing so, you taught me that with each road block (or muscle breakdown) I would come back stronger, and just in saying that simple analogy, you developed a sense of faith not only in myself as an athlete but as a person in general.

The italicized paragraphs are excerpts from a letter Lukas gave me at our last workout.

I wrote this letter to thank you for the years of character development, common sense and pride. There aren’t too many words that can describe the impact of your presence in my life. I’m so proud of the human being that you’ve helped me become.

His name is Lukas. He is a big, strong, healthy young man, on the verge of entering college, excited about his future and about playing college baseball. He is the Last Athlete to work with Dan Potts.

So for everything that you’ve done . . . thank you.

He is the Athlete who helped me to truly realize the Coach that I am.


~ ~ ~

Lukas is still a senior in high school and we had one more year of training ahead of us. But life happens when you least expect it. . . such as . . .just last month I moved to Dallas, Texas. My fiancé Eric was asked to relocate for work, and after much consideration we decided it was an opportunity we just could not refuse. This is my last column for My Edmonds News. I am so grateful for Teresa giving me the opportunity to share my story with the Edmonds community and truly appreciative for the support I have felt over the years from everyone who has read this column (and commented on it too).

I’ve experienced a lot of sadness around leaving Edmonds. I came to live in Edmonds because of Dan, who had lived there for many years and had loved it for even longer. I am leaving my home of 11 years and my business. I am leaving my community, my friends, my incomparable clients, my baristas at QFC Starbucks, downtown Edmonds and the plethora of shops and restaurants and businesses I frequented (and the people that owned them) and the marina at which we moored our boat (we left the boat too).

Our boat was named Seas The Moment. Eric and I have decided that this is one of those moments in life must be seized! We’re excited for the new adventures ahead.

I am really going to miss writing this column. Thank you for being a part of it.

— By Pritam Potts

Pritam Potts, owner of Advanced Athlete LLC, is a NSCA-certified trainer and strength coach with 15+ years of experience working with athletes and clients of all ages. She recently relocated to Dallas, Texas, but she’s still online and will still be writing. You can connect with her at facebook.com/advancedathlete and twitter.com/advancedathlete.

  1. Pritam,
    It was my privilege to know you & Dan!
    The story you shared speaks volumes of the amazing person that you are. You have an ability to pass on what it means to be a good human being because you exemplify exactly that!
    I admire your choices & I wish you all the best as you create your new life!
    Love, Steph

  2. Best wishes to you for your new adventure. Life is a journey and you are creating an amazing one for yourself. Blessings.

  3. Pritam,
    It came as such a surprise to learn you had moved to Texas. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt final column. I will miss reading your wonderful words. It was a pleasure to know you and I wish you all the best on your new adventure.

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