Edmonds School District High School Students of Month for October

Edmonds e-Learning Academy
Chase Waugler
Mother’s Name: Melissa Waugler
Interests: I like to play video games, run and watch football and hang out with my family.
Community Service/Work: I usually help out at my grandma’s daycare by helping her with field trips.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on going to wcollege after time in the Armed Forces.
Future Career Goals: I want to be a fighter or cargo pilot in the Air Force.Edmonds Heights K-12

Miriam Urie
Mother’s Name: Susan Urie
Father’s Name: Ken Urie
Significant School Project: Currently researching cognitive biases as they relate to racism, sexism, and homophobia.
Future Educational Goals: I am enrolling in Edmonds Community College for winter quarter and hope to later transfer to a university.
Future Career Goals: Considering science or journalism, but I am interested in many things and am open to change.
Anything else we should know? I am doing my best against an autonomic nervous system disorder.

Alex Garcia
Mother’s Name: Joy Garcia
Father’s Name: Edgar Garcia
Honors: A member of the National Technical Honor Society because of outstanding character and achievement at Sno-Isle Tech Skill Center
Future Career Goals: Due to being in Sno-Isle Tech’s Skill Center Culinary Arts program, Alex would like to find a career in that field.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Kyle Bainbridge
Mother’s Name: Pam Bainbridge
Father’s Name: Paul Bainbridge
GPA: 3.978
Clubs & Activities: I’m part of the full International Baccelaureate program and on track to graduate with my IB diploma, EWHS Jazz Ensemble I and Wind Symphony, Full Orchestra, Tri-M Music Honors Society, National Honor Society.
Honors: Accepted by audition into the NAfME All-Northwest Jazz Ensemble 2017 on Baritone Saxophone, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society,
Awards: Honorable Mention on Baritone Saxophone at Essentially Ellington Jazz Competition 2017.
Community Service: Taught clarinet to elementary school students at College Place Elementary and Chase Lake Elementary for my CAS project, volunteered at Hazelwood Elentary Homework Club, Frequent music related volunteering for Tri-M Club.
Significant School Project: Writing an extended essay analyzing the music of my favorite jazz artist, Cannonball Adderley.
Future Educational Goals: Achieve a degree in mathematics or engineering at a university. My top school right now is the University of Washington because it balances strong engineering and mathematics programs with a strong music department that I can participate in.
Future Career Goals: Working in a science or engineering field, while still playing music in some form on the side (orchestra, jazz combo, or big band), as these are my two main passions.
Anything Else You’d Like Us to Know? Balancing full IB with commitments to EWHS’s top jazz ensemble has been tough, but bsoth of these programs have been hugely rewarding and have truly helped me develop as a human being and as a learner.

Catrien de Boer
Mother’s Name: Bonnie de Boer
Father’s Name: Jan de Boer
GPA: 3.85
ASB: Class ASB sophomore and junior year;
Interhigh junior and senior year .
Athletics: Girls swim freshman-senior year and senior year captain.
Honors: Honors classes Freshman and Sophomore year.
Full-IB candidate
Awards: Warrior Athletic Award 2015 & 2016 ; Varsity letter; National Honors Society
Community Service: Assisted with food drives, charity change, and March of dimes. I also serve at St. Luke Parish.
Significant School Project: I am the student coordinator for Link crew as this is a new program at EWHS. Working with Mr. Wellington, we strive to engage our freshman and provide them with opportunities to get involved.
Future Educational Goals: I will be attending the University of New Mexico and then hope to graduate from Law school after.
Future Career Goals: My goal is to be a lawyer

Meadowdale High

Vanessa Villalobos Villa
Mother’s Name: Laura Villalobos Loa
Father’s Name: Elpidio Jaimes Hidalgo
Clubs & Activities: I have a part-time job at T.J Maxx, and like to hike, play ukulele, write poems and go on road trips.
Honors: Student of the quarter twice
Future Career Goals: To open up a beauty salon, do agent sales, get involved with modeling and acting.

Marc-Anthony Valle
Mother’s Name: Jane Pendergrass
Father’s Name: Marcos Valle
GPA: 3.72
Clubs & Activities: Vice President of Drama Club; Captain of improvisation team.
Awards: Student of the Quarter four years running. Winner of school talent show last year with a band made of myself, Oliver Greenleaf, and Matthew Johnson, as well as Shane Hansen.
Community Service: Worked with the students of Maplewood K-8 during their several musical productions.
Honors: An Honored Thespian by the International Thespian Society.
Current Employment: Crew Member at Trader Joe’s
Future Educational Goals: To attend a four year liberal arts university, and receive either my Bachelors or my PhD in an area that I am passionate in.
Future Career Goals: To become a published writer, or performer, and hopefully become an AP English Teacher.
Anything else we should know? The Meadowdale Improv team has two performances coming up in November. We are facing off against Kamiak (at Kamiak High School) on the Nov. 15, and we have a home match against Bothell on the 16th! We hope to see you there!

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Julie Hess
Mother’s Name: Leigh Byars
Father’s Name: Craig Hess
GPA: 3.6
Clubs & Activities: I love to dance anytime and anywhere. I am not in any official “Clubs” but the P.E. class I’m taking through the Running Start program is allowing me to experience more self-awareness by listening to my body. I’m also learning Spanish there at Edmonds Community College!
Athletics: I am currently not playing any sports, but I enjoy volleyball and running. Running not for the physical activity but for the fun of it.
Awards: I have been awarded Student of the Quarter for Winter Quarter at the Sno-Isle Tech Institute for employability skills, being a team player and self motivator.
Significant School Project: While attending Sno-Isle’s Fashion Marketing and Merchandising program last year I had an end of the year project which required I create a brand for customers, a prototype of the product, the packaging, label its contents, a store layout and a style sheet and create a booth for visitors on a night my class and I presented our work.
My Brand was focused on the commodity of the product and the necessity of diversity, which flourished into “The All-Embracing” Brand. The socks were created individually based on musician’s and their music from 1950 through 1990.
It was really a lot of fun and I enjoyed thinking about my ideal customer which helped me focus on the brand, it made me consider what my “customer” was looking for and why they would even want to buy my product.
Current Employment: I have been employed at the JCPenney in Alderwood Mall since July, 2016 and was the Employee of the Month in September 2016.
Future Educational Goals: I really would love to learn how to work with music or dance!
Future Career Goals: I want a job that I can travel with.

Tyler Blanchard
Mother’s Name: Mari Blanchard
Father’s Name: Darren Blanchard
Clubs & Activities: Rainbow Lakers Gay-Straight-Alliance
Awards: In sixth grade I won a Presidential Award for Academic Achievement.
Significant School Project: I helped with a clothing and food drive to donate directly to homeless people or people in need in downtown Seattle.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on going to Edmonds Community College
Future Career Goals: I’m interested in astrology, so perhaps I’ll pursue a career in a science. Although I do have an affinity for history, and I’m alright at teaching others, so on second thought, I may become a history teacher.
Anything else we should know? I love Rock n’ Roll (put another dime in the jukebox, baby).

Project Search

Matthew Mason
Mother’s Name: Teresa
Father’s Name: Andrew
Clubs & Activities: Special Olympics soccer and basketball. For fun I like to play any kind of sports.
ASB: Swedish Edmonds volunteer
Athletics: Special Olympics
Honors: Awesome groundskeeper
Community Service: I currently volunteer at Swedish Edmonds hospital as a student intern for Project SEARCH
Significant School Project: Being part of project search.
Current Employment: Volunteer intern in groundskeeping at Swedish Edmonds hospital.
Future Career Goals: I would like to get a better paid job doing landscaping.
Anything else you’d like us to know? I am a good, hard worker.

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