Gallaghers’ offers ‘Beer It Forward’ program for veterans


In honor of Veterans Day, Gallaghers’ Where U Brew in Edmonds is doing a “Beer It Forward” program.

“Customers who want to thank a veteran for their service by buying them a beer, have paid for several here at Gallaghers,” said owner Marcie Kretzler. “They have posted a note of thanks along with a paid for pint, so any veteran or active military can come down and enjoy a beer.”

Veterans are encourage to write a note back, explaining their service, how many years and where stationed,” she said. “Interestingly enough, the veterans that have come in all want to beer it forward instead of redeem,” said Kretzler. “That’s how giving they are, and were willing to give their lives to our country!”

Gallaghers’ is located at 180 W Dayton St., in the Harbor Square Business Complex.

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