Letter to the editor: Vote for transparency and clarity with Johnston, Gouge and Faires



As the campaign has progressed I have been heartily encouraged by the port’s transparency. I applaud each and every detail that places it under the scrutiny of the public eye. These are promising times for Edmonds and I applaud and commend the port commissioners who have pressed forward in this direction.

My perspective is from living in Edmonds for 33 years and actively serving on two city boards — the Architectural Design Board and now the Planning Board. This experience informs my appreciation for transparency and clarity in city government.

Even though entries for the port won’t be on my ballot (as I no longer reside in the port district) I am not an impartial observer, for the port’s success and mission is important to me and the interests of the City of Edmonds.

Vote for the experience and openness of the standing Port Commissioners: Bruce Faires, Fred Gouge, and Steve Johnston.

Carreen Nordling Rubenkonig

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