Scene in Edmonds: Boat grounded near Marina Beach Park


Julia Wiese spotted emergency vehicles responding to an apparent boat in distress near Marina Beach Park Tuesday night and took photos, then went to investigate the scene Wednesday morning.

According to South Snohomish Fire & Rescue spokeswoman Leslie Hynes, fire crews were dispatched around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a vessel taking on water near Marina Beach Park. The 35-foot boat was in about 12 inches of water at the beach.

The vessel operator was on the scene and told firefighters the boat had hit a rock that punctured the hull, Hynes said, adding that no one was in distress or in physical danger. The Coast Guard also responded, she said.

“The vessel operator was advised to call a vessel assist/salvage company to secure the boat when the tide came in and to call 911 if the situation became dangerous or life-threatening,” Hynes said. The Coast Guard remained on the scene after fire units left, she added.

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  1. Does anybody know what the status of this is? The boat is still there but has broken windows and other unsafe and environmentally unfriendly things.


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