Sponsor spotlight: Just in time for holidays — Michael McAuliffe Photography


My Edmonds News would like to offer a warm welcome to a new sponsor who may be familiar to our readers: Michael McAuliffe Photography.

McAuliffe is an Edmonds photographer who focuses on landscape and bird photographs from Edmonds and other scenic Washington locations. We have also run his photos on My Edmonds News, and he has covered local stories for us as a freelance writer/photographer.

McAuliffe’s  Edmonds photographs are available online, and can be great local holiday gifts for friends, family or yourself. Photographs are available through his online store as prints, framed photographs, greeting cards and prints on canvas.

McAuliffe also work with a local photography lab to offer his photographs on exotic materials like acrylic, bamboo, raw aluminum and 1-inch-thick acrylic photo blocks. The acrylic blocks are a unique standup display for a desk, table or counter. Contact him here to learn more about his photos on these amazing materials.

“I also have many photographs available that you won’t find online, so please contact me if you are interested in something specific that’s not on my website or if you would like to have me photograph something for you,” McAuliffe says.


McAuliffe has lived in Edmonds since 1990 and said he considers himself “extremely lucky to live so close to our spectacular waterfront and wildlife that are amazing subjects for photography. I started taking pictures in Edmonds in 2010, and a few years ago began writing magazine articles that feature my photos. This year I’m my photographs are available for purchase for the first time.”

“Birds are my favorite subjects to photograph and that interest was sparked by a local encounter with an owl,” he added. “In November 2012 I was on Sunset Avenue with my camera and heard a large flock of crows and gulls frantically screeching and cawing. When I investigated the ruckus, a small white head with intense yellow eyes peered up over the train tracks at me—it was a Snowy Owl! I quickly snapped a few shots of the rare visitor from the Arctic before the owl flew away with the crows and gulls in hot pursuit. I have been hooked on bird photography ever since.”



You can find his online store here: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-michael-mcauliffe.html?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=755885

And his website here: https://mcmikephoto.com/

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