Two arrested in armed robbery at Mountlake Terrace pot shop


Two suspects were arrested early Wednesday morning after an armed robbery at Rainier Cannabis, located at 22002 64th Ave. W. in Mountlake Terrace. An Edmonds K-9 unit assisted in the call.

The incident was initially reported on Tuesday night just before midnight. An owner of the store was watching the incident as it occurred from a surveillance system, according to a police report. Two suspects entered the building armed with firearms–one had an AR-15 rifle and the other had a handgun.

Police officers responded to the scene before the suspects exited the store, and confronted the suspects when they did.

“The suspects immediately retreated into the store and fled out the back,” a police report states. “One suspect was observed dropping his rifle as he ran behind Azteca and jumped a fence.”

Officers set up a containment perimeter and a K-9 track was conducted.

“After a long track, one suspect was captured hiding inside a boat and another was found near a residence on 64th Ave. W.,” according to the report.

One suspect was also arrested for an outstanding $400,000 burglary warrant. The other was a convicted felon on active supervision for robbery.

Both suspects were taken to the Snohomish County Jail Wednesday morning and booked for robbery. Additional charges are pending.

4 Replies to “Two arrested in armed robbery at Mountlake Terrace pot shop”

    1. The police station was right across the street. The police did a commendable job but one of the cops yelled “freeze” as they came out completely endangering the employees when they jumped back in the store and discussed taking hostages.


      1. Are you insinuating the Police were wrong in yelling “Freeze”?

        Along with many other laws, these criminal morons failed to obey an order from law enforcement to “Freeze”. The MLT Police didn’t put anyone in danger, CRIMINALS put the employees of this and nearby homes/churches/businesses in danger, by first committing a robbery and secondly by not obeying law enforcement. Would you suggest the MLT Police remain silent and let the criminals disperse out into an area putting more people in danger?


        1. I said the cops did a commendable job. By suggesting that ONE cop made a mistake does not condemn the entire MLT police dept.


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