Woodway residents on alert after report of possible cougar attack on dog


Woodway residents were alerted recently to a report of a cougar jumping a residential fence and killing a dog, but police said Wednesday it’s unknown whether a cougar or other wildlife was responsible for the dog’s death.

Woodway Police Chief Doug Hansen said that a Woodway resident in the 24100 block of East Greystone Lane told police that her three dogs were in the backyard when she heard a commotion. Upon investigating, she saw “a blur” of an animal — described only as having four legs and a tail — jumping over the backyard fence. The woman then discovered one of her three dogs — a 35 lb., 8-year-old terrier mix, dead in the backyard, with puncture wounds to the neck.

The two other dogs were unharmed.

Hansen said that Woodway police asked the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to investigate the death. The agency determined the attack was more likely from a bobcat or coyote, than a cougar.

No other attacks have been reported since Nov. 1. Regardless, Hansen said, residents are advised to keep an eye on their children and small animals when they are outside.

“There is wildlife in Woodway,” he said.


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  1. I recently photographed three coyotes at the Edmonds marsh. I know there are lots of coyotes in Woodway and Edmonds. My first guess would be that the attacking animal was a coyote, not a cougar.


  2. Yes, this is likely a coyote. There are a number in Edmonds Marsh, and they routinely go around the edge of Point Edwards Condos, in the brush and woods, and up the hill into Woodway, where you can see them crossing streets at night. They are particularly attracted to dogs; a barking dog is like a dinner bell. If you’ve ever seen coyote attack a dog, it’s not a sight or sound you will ever forget.


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