City of Edmonds set to demolish Civic Park grandstands in January

Civic Park grandstands, which will be demolished in early 2018.

As part of the Civic Park Master Plan adopted in February 2017, the City of Edmonds has contracted for the demolition of the Civic Park Grandstands for the first part of January.

According to a city announcement Thursday, by the end of the year the city will be installing temporary construction fencing around the work site. The first part of the demolition — to begin on Jan. 2, 2018 — is a no-cost contract for Ballard Re-Use to remove all materials that are worthy of recycling. “We really want to keep as much of this out of the landfill as possible”, said Carrie Hite, the City’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Director. Ballard Re-Use will remove most of the wood seating elements.

Once removed, they will salvage some for the city’s reuse and will haul away the rest. The City has plans to reuse some of this wood for the restrooms that are part of the master plan, and a possible artistic element. “ We really would like to weave some of the history back into the site, once the site is developed,”, Hite stated.

Beginning Jan. 8, the Ccity expects the contractor, Construction Group International, LLC to be on the site to begin the remaining demolition. There may be temporary disruptions to the alley, the petanque courts and use of the large soccer field, the city said. While taking down the grandstand will only take a few days, the contractor will be onsite for a couple of weeks to remove material and clean up the site.

The low bid for this work, and the contract amount, is $63,442.43. The city said it has built some contingency in the budget “in case there are any unanticipated surprises.”

Once the grandstands are removed, the city’s park maintenance team will restore the area with soil and grass, and install a permanent fence connection until the site is fully developed in a few years.

6 Replies to “City of Edmonds set to demolish Civic Park grandstands in January”

  1. Although this was all discussed during the public workshop process last year, it’s still a shame that this cool historic grandstand couldn’t be more creatively integrated into a park/sports venue for downtown Edmonds. Seems like a lost opportunity and I hope the master plan and the current city leadership continuously reassess the plans for Civic Play Field and make sure they don’t follow through on a stale plan, 4 years after it was decided upon, just because it’s hard to accomplish public works projects and make everyone happy.


    1. I can understand where you’re coming from Tom except my idea is the city should try and SELL it to a movie lot for use in films. It’d be worth the time and effort not just for the money, but fun to see it in a movie.


  2. anyone know when construction and work is going to start again in the park? I was looking at an apt rental right on the park, on 6th, and was concerned it might be too noisy.


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