Good news: Missing dog Sapphire has been found


We learned Wednesday afternoon that Sapphire, the beagle mix lost in Edmonds Dec. 1, was found after a dramatic rescue, according to Nancy Sewell, an Edmonds resident who provided information about the search.

Teenagers had spotted the dog down an embankment off 212th Street Southwest that was very difficult to reach, Sewell said. “There were five people helping to rescue while one woman climbed down to block the entrance to this ‘cave’ the dog was in,” she explained.

Then a man who works as a tracker, helping lost dogs, brought his catch pole and was able to get Sapphire. 

“It’s a wonderful end to this search,” Sewell said.

Sapphire was part of a rescue transport from Yakima to Seattle. The volunteers stopped in Edmonds Dec. 1 to walk the dogs, when Sapphire escaped from the volunteer, causing the volunteer to fall and break her hip.

The volunteer ended up at Swedish Edmonds Hospital, having surgery Dec. 3.



5 Replies to “Good news: Missing dog Sapphire has been found”

  1. I’m happy to hear she has been found! I didn’t know the backstory but it was clear that someone was pretty worried from the number of signs posted around Edmonds.


  2. I’m so glad she was found. Kudus to all involved to help make this ‘re-rescue’ a success. Hopefully she has a warm and safe forever home, soon. Best wishes to the volunteer who fell for a full and speedy recovery.


  3. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery to the volunteer (these kinds of things cannot happen without all the volunteers!), and hoping for a Forever Home for Sapphire….Home For Christmas. Such trauma for her to endure…she deserves lots of love and care.


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