The Beauty of Stone: Classic stonework ideas for condo owners

I love nice things. Most people with taste do. I like the challenge of taking the ordinary and transforming it to be extraordinary. It is quite possible to design and customize incredibly beautiful condominium interiors with the help of using properly-crafted stoneworks. So many types of stone are available to use for the fireplace, kitchens, floor, and bathrooms in the condo. Also different combinations and patterns.

I have stone all over in my home and in my parents’ home. I believe in stone usage for many reasons. Stone sets a standard of elegance, and refined stone is natural and beautiful. Stone is classic and doesn’t become dated. Stone fits into any style of architecture. If you love your condo, and you want to bring the design to its potential, here are some ideas, all appearing in Edmonds condominiums.

You can make an artistic statement using your favorite kinds of stone. Have fun with it. Study stone. What kinds of stone are you drawn to? Showering in your own custom marble bathroom will make you feel great. Your stone will be the paint of your masterpiece painting. What patterns do you like? Do you want all the tiles or do you want to mix stone tiles with stone slab? What edges on your slab do you care for? Do you vein-match marble? You can draw the designs up and choose your favorite look. Stone is much more substantial and rich looking than ceramic tile.

You can hire a stone designer, an interior designer or an architect, or you can dabble in it yourself. Many stone showrooms will help you with choice — and designs, too. Spoil yourself a bit, if you dare. Creating a great interior using stone and natural material is a journey that will reward you.

I wish you great happiness and personal satisfaction.

— By Jeff Sellen

Jeff Sellen

Jeff Sellen is self-employed and has been in business for 34 years. Reach him at

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