Chase Lake 5th graders immersed in art during Cascadia Museum visit

A group of fifth graders from Chase Lake Elementary received a special treat on Wednesday as Edmonds artist Mona Fairbanks provided an immersion in the world of art prints and printmaking.

Cascadia’s current exhibit “Territorial Hues: the Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960,” provided a wealth of material, as Fairbanks led the students to selected works on display to help describe the variation in art form and techniques, the gradations of expression from realistic to abstract, and how different artists utilize form, texture and color to capture the mind and imagination of the viewer.

“After this morning’s introduction, we’ll take what we learned back to the school where we’ll work on our own art this afternoon,” Fairbanks explained. “Seeing the variation in styles and ways of expression is an invaluable prelude to this. Too often young people don’t think their art is good because it’s not realistic, so one of my key messages this morning is the simple truth that abstract is just another technique of artistic expression, no less valid than any other.”

Wednesday’s Chase Lake activity is part of Cascadia’s larger mission to bring art and art appreciation to all ages in the community. The work is supported by the Cascadia Museum and others including the Edmonds Arts Festival and Hazel Miller Foundations.

“Our goal is to reach as many students as possible, and we invite interested teachers, parents, and staff to contact us,” said Cascadia Board member Janette Turner, who also serves on the museum’s Education Committee. “We are ready to help with such things as discounted tickets and reduced admission for chaperones. Thanks to the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, the Hazel Miller Foundation and several local donors we even have some funds available for bus transportation on a first-come-first-served basis. The point is, we want all area students — from public and private schools — to come see their artistic and cultural heritage.”

“Cascadia has been so supportive of these programs,” added Fairbanks. “It wouldn’t happen without them.”

The exhibit “Territorial Hues: the Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960” runs through Jan. 7.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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