Edmonds School Board recognizes All-State musicians, plus a choir performance

The Edmonds School Board meeting room is decorated with thank-you notes (left wall) and a “We (heart) the Edmonds School Board” poster (right wall) in honor of School Board Recognition Month.

The Edmonds School Board had a lot to celebrate during its meeting Tuesday night.

First, the Board was recognized by district staff for their commitment to schools as part of School Board Recognition Month. Giselle Iseli and Amy Nguyen, both students at Madrona K-8, read a proclamation by Gov. Jay Inslee.

“School directors play a crucial role in promoting student learning and achievement by creating a vision, establishing policies and budgets and setting clear standards of accountability for all involved,” the proclamation states. “School directors are directly accountable to the citizens in their districts and regions, serving as a vital link between members of the community and their schools.”

Superintendent Kris McDuffy said it was an honor to work for dedicated school board members like the ones in the Edmonds School District.

“They give hundreds of hours to make sure we have the best school district in the state of Washington,” she said.

As part of the celebration recognizing the board, an Edmonds-Woodway High School choir performed two pieces: “I Wish I Could Go Traveling Again” and “There Is a Quiet Place.”

Following the performance, more district musicians were recognized–namely the All-State musicians selected from throughout the Edmonds School District.

All State musicians pose on the staircase before the School Board meeting. (Photo courtesy the Edmonds School District)

Musicians must audition for the All-State music groups and just 1,000 are selected from across the state. Thirty-three students were chosen from the Edmonds School District (a full list is provided below).

Board Member Ann McMurray said she was excited to see such musical talent in the district. She then explained that music is not a school program funded by the state, but by the community, which has approved levies in support of music and other programs.

“We would be remiss if we didn’t thank the taxpayers of the district for their support of music programs like these in our middle schools an high schools,” she said.

A full list of All-State musicians is below:

2018 WMEA All-State Jazz Groups

Student Full Name Teacher Name (L/F) School Instrument Group Name
Stuart Harrison Bergevin, Jake EWHS Tenor Sax Jazz Band
Rodney Odfemia Bergevin, Jake EWHS Bass Jazz Band
Natalie Whitlock Bergevin, Jake EWHS Alto Sax Jazz Band
Matthew Vo Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Guitar Jazz Band
Ethan Pyke Faul, Darin MTHS Trombone Jazz Band
Henry Smith-Hunt Faul, Darin MTHS Trombone Jazz Band
Miriel McFarland Bergevin, Jake EWHS Drums Jazz Choir
Nebee Yohannes Bergevin, Jake EWHS Piano Jazz Choir
Klara Adams Reese, Charlotte EWHS Soprano 1 Jazz Choir
Joshua Anderson Reese, Charlotte EWHS Tenor 2 Jazz Choir
Mikala Kim Reese, Charlotte EWHS Alto 2 Jazz Choir
Dominic Nye Reese, Charlotte EWHS Bass 1 Jazz Choir
Dana Salazar Reese, Charlotte EWHS Soprano 2 Jazz Choir
Michael Hagen Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Tenor 1 Jazz Choir
Georgia Victor Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Alto 1 Jazz Choir

2018 WMEA All-State Concert Groups

Student Full Name Teacher Name (L/F) School Instrument Group Name
Tabitha Robins Reese, Charlotte EWHS Soprano 2 Symphonic Choir
Ysa Bombita Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Alto 1 Symphonic Choir
Patrick May Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Tenor 2 Symphonic Choir
Kateara Utley Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Soprano 1 Symphonic Choir
Brooklyn Moore Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Soprano 2 Treble Choir
Lauren Sandoval Horenstein, Jeff MDHS Alto 1 Treble Choir
Eric Schultz Bergevin, Jake EWHS Percussion Chamber Orchestra
Alec Raring Faul, Darin MTHS Trombone Chamber Orchestra
Micah Cortezzo Bergevin, Jake EWHS Bassoon Symphony Orchestra
Isabella Wilhelm Bergevin, Jake EWHS Clarinet Symphony Orchestra
Ava Gehlen-Williams Helseth, Karen EWHS Violin Symphony Orchestra
Aaron Kim Helseth, Karen EWHS Violin Symphony Orchestra
Helen Nguyen Helseth, Karen EWHS Violin Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Holter Hurd, Emily MDHS Bass Clar. Concert Band
Chance Gompert Hurd, Emily MDHS Trombone Wind Ensemble
Ian Sjoholm Faul, Darin MTHS Tuba Wind Ensemble

2018 WMEA Junior All-State Concert Groups

Student Full Name Teacher Name (L/F) School Instrument School District
Giselle Iseli Edwards, Matthew MAD K-8 Flute Rainier Band
Amy Nguyen Nelson, Victoria MAD K-8 Violin Orchestra

Also during the meeting, the board:

  • Approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Edmonds to continue a bicycle and pedestrian safety program at Madrona K-8.
  • Approved a contract to Allstream for district-wide telecommunication services.
  • Approved moving relocatable classrooms to Cedar Way, Oak Heights, Sherwood and Westgate elementary schools, which have all seen an uptick in enrollment, even though the district as a whole has slightly decreased enrollment when compared to last year.

–Story and video by Natalie Covate

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