Hot news from Top Pot: Co-founder says Sunset Avenue spot to open by late February


    All of Edmonds gets excited when we see signs of life — humans, workers…anyone we can pepper with questions — inside the Top Pot Doughnuts building under construction on Sunset Avenue.

    Yeah, we do! We hope, we wait. And no, while those cakes of sweetened deep-fried dough that fill the brown Top Pot boxes in the local QFCs and other retailers, are tasty, they are not nearly as delicious as the special creations — like this one that celebrates a special birthday on Jan 8th:

    On Friday, Jan. 5, the people inside the building happened to be Top Pot co-founder Mark Klebeck and his architect Jeff. Klebeck shared the progress to date and laid out the vision that the company has for the location that overshadows the ferry traffic at the Edmonds terminal.

    “The good news is we are moving forward with the build-out,” he said. “Drywall was installed this week and more installations are planned in the weeks ahead. We acknowledge the long delay here but want to assure the Edmonds community that we are still on track for a winter opening.”

    “Winter?” I asked if he could be a tad more specific.

    “Mid-February,” was the response.

    “Will I be able to buy Top Pot’s pink iced creations for my sweetheart here in Edmonds this year?” I asked

    “Probably not by Valentine’s,” Klebeck answered, but he assured it would certainly before the end of the month.

    So we’ll be purchasing pastries to commemorate Saint Patrick? Hmmm.

    Mark took time to discuss the exciting interior of what will be the “flagship store for Top Pot on the north end.” The interior will be beautiful, including a staircase that ascends to the mezzanine seating area.

    Klebeck described how labor-intensive the work is on the parts of the owners, as well as the construction workers, and work with cities’ development and planning folks … “wow.”

    “City of Edmonds has been wonderful to work with,” he said. He also assured me that plans get changed and must be resubmitted. It takes time.

    The final plan for outside access to the rooftop dining area, from the mezzanine, had to be scrapped when final costs were reviewed. Folks can still take in scenic views, but will ascend stairs on the building exterior to sit at tables and watch the ferry traffic while enjoying their frosted orbs of crispy dough, and… later this summer enjoy those chocolate rounds topped off with soft serve ice cream.

    Top Pot has opened three units in the last year — that’s pretty astounding. Their first location opened in February 2002 — a small brick storefront on north Capitol Hill in Seattle — and there are now 18 in the Seattle area, plus three in Texas. I believe the Edmonds Café will be number 23.

    Restaurant News is on track and Mark Klebeck assured that we’ll get the date — straight from Top Pot’s co-founder.

    See you in line soon, on Sunset, and not for the Kingston ferry.

    — By Kathy Passage


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