Live on a busy street? City of Edmonds accepting petitions for traffic calming program


The City of Edmonds is requesting public input on its 2018 Traffic Calming Program.

The annual program has a budget of $35,000 to address speeding concerns and reduce cut-through traffic on any street. The program consists of a three-phase process: (1) Petition and Review for Qualification; (2) Education / Enforcement; and (3) Installation of Traffic Calming Devices.

For a location to be considered in the 2018 Traffic Calming Program, residents need to submit a Citizen Action Request and Neighborhood Petition Form to the city. Both forms can be found at this link: The petition must have supporting signatures from at least eight different households within the neighborhood.

City staff will evaluate each petition and determine if it qualifies for the Traffic Calming Program. Projects deemed qualified will be prioritized and pursued based on available funding.

In past years, the program has funded the installation of speed radar feedback signs, signing and pavement markings. Alternative solutions may be considered depending on location and the traffic concern.

Forms must be submitted by Feb.  9, 2018 to Mr. Bertrand Hauss, Transportation Engineer, either by email at [email protected] or U.S. mail to Edmonds City Hall (Attn: Engineering Division), 121 5th Ave. N., Edmonds, WA 98020.

3 Replies to “Live on a busy street? City of Edmonds accepting petitions for traffic calming program”

    1. I’m with Darrol on this one: speed radar is not perfect (I’ve seen the one on Olympic View Drive showing speeds over 40 – on a 25 mph road) – but they do help: they often remind me, and I’ve seen a lot of people slow down when they see the display.

      Still, OVD ought to be renamed The Edmonds Speedway.


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