Reminder: Jan. 17 event to support Edmonds School District LGBTQ students and families

The Edmonds School District in partnership with the Verdant Health Commission is hosting an event Jan. 17 aimed at supporting LGBTQ students and families.

“We are excited for this event; it will be the first time we have invited all parties who have expressed interest to learn together,” said Sally Guzman, the school district’s family engagement specialist. “We are also very aware depression and suicide rates for our LGBTQ students are two to three times higher than that of their counterparts.”

Child care will be provided for children ages 3 and up who are toilet trained.

The event is Jan. 17, 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Verdant Health Center, 4710 196th St. S.W., Lynnwood. Registration:

Families who need interpretation must register at least three days in advance.

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  1. Wow..teaching it in schools to. I guess I’m not into teaching sex in schools. Teachers taught reading writing and arithmetic, how did it veer off so much? Life is becoming to complicated for kids.

  2. Teaching “it”? “It” being…? But best, perhaps to read the article more carefully. The initiative aimed ” aimed at supporting LGBTQ students and families.” I suspect writing and arithmetic will go on unscathed, but families undergoing the often horrible results of a child’s coming out will find support and perhaps was of coping. If some of this greater understanding does trickle down to the classroom, it might be a good thing, just like anti-bullying and racial equality understanding.

    I was terrified as a gay high-school student, and as I look back, I wonder about the myriad ways my life might have been richer and easier and safer (ever sit on a bed with a gun and wonder if your life was worth living?) had this sort of event been possible in the 60’s. I made it – many didn’t, out of fear, ignorance and people even opposed to discussing the matter. Helping families deal with all this seems to me a very good thing indeed. I don’t think this program is about “teaching sex” in schools – whatever that means. It’s about safety, directed at “all parties who have expressed interest.”

  3. Thank you Sally G. (and all Eq.Team members associated with this major, progressive work. You have definitely saved lives already- I am certain as this work and support continues, many more will be saved.
    And for any objectors: “Silence = Death” google that.

  4. For those of you still clinging to the cultural values of the past, god bless you! Regardless of your sincere desire to better society by wishing others would come back to the social norms you hold dear, please consider social norms have modernized.

    Regardless of your political/cultural positons on LGBTQ citizens, they really exist. Instead of being hateful towards those looking to educate the uneducated, be grateful somebody/someplace is “inviting” (hosting) an event that will only educate people. I see nothing in this post indicating it is mandatory for students or parents to attend.

    If your mind takes you to a place of finding offense to an ESD hosted event, “inviting” people to come learn, then you should probably attend.

  5. Thank you, well said. The people that cling to “olden days” basically forget they included oppression of minorities.

  6. Gay students arent the issue. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy gay affiliation. Those students will grow up, enter a world that accepts them because of gay civil rights trail blazers who had no help from schools or other institutions. The average gay guy makes more money, has lower unemployment, than the average straight guy. They got equality. I campaigned for marriage equality in WA, and consider gay civil rights a job done, one I am proud to have been a part of. Politicians at all levels of government are simply trying to get in front of a parade in regards to gay civil rights. They didn’t help.

    However, suicide rates are an issue with trans (not gay) students. These are not healthy gay kids. What the data shows is that encouraging young people to go on hormone blockers and then gender reassignment does nothing to stem incidents like suicide and can create perminent health problems. Post-op trans people have the most problems, and often need mental help with a variety of disorders. There are some trans folks who cope well, and deserve credit and respect, but schools should never encourage a kid to actually transistion because there are so many unintended consequences.

    The LGBT group is really two groups, Gay and Transsexual and they don’t have the same issues. There’s nothing wrong with gay. We see gay in nature. Also, there’s tons of healthy straight guys who enjoy dressing in womans clothes, and its been happening for thousands of years, but a transvestite boy shouldnt be encouraged to phsyically change their genitalia. We don’t see a lot of overweight in nature. The same people who tell an unhealthy overweight woman to love their bodies just the way they are, are telling gay kids to not love they way they are, to consider hormone blockers, to consider surgery. It’s not natural, and too dangerous, and doesn’t improve their lives.

    1. Everything Matthew Richardson is saying about trans children here is false. He’s using talking points from a widely discredited anti-trans bigot named Dr. Paul McHugh, who misrepresented the findings of a Swedish study while writing an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal in June of 2014. There’s a Huffington Post article by Brynn Tannehill that discusses the kinds of myths perpetrated by McHugh and others, which you can read here:

      The fact of the matter is that trans people that receive gender affirming care, children and adults alike, see their suicide rates drop to slightly higher than the national average, in the range with other groups in the LGBTQ+ community.

      You can tell that his words are false in a few ways. First, he’s not backing it up with any facts, just conjecture. Second, he’s using terms like transsexual and confusing trans people with transvestites, which suggests that he hasn’t done any research or stayed appraised of the current state of the trans community. And third, he throws fat people under the bus to try to prop up his point by implying that overweight people are automatically unhealthy, suggesting that fat positivitity is similarly bad, both of which are false.

      Matthew, it’s possible your heart is in the right place. I don’t know, I don’t have it in my hands here to examine. But you are spreading falsehoods that do direct and real harm to a marginalized community and you should stop doing that as quickly as you can.

      1. Never heard of Paul Mcgue. I do subscribe to Theyrn Meyer. Jordan Peterson is an expert in these matters as well. I’m woke.

        I’m not confusing transexual with transvestite. You didnt read my comment. Gheesh. There is a significant demographic of straight men who dress in woman’s clothes. They’re not trans, but boys who are feminine, who might like girl’s clothes, are being encouraged to take hormones and get surgery. Dressing like a girl is harmless, maybe confusing in some situations at best, but putting drugs in kids is not right, and that is what we are talking about. We’re not talking about having open forums at senior citizen centers, letting old folks know about the trans options, were talking about grooming kids for gender confusion and toxic masculinity. Gender reassignment is a major, permanent, process with irreversible health consequences in an age where minors cant get tattoos. Leave the kids alone.

        1. To be clear, I’m responding to you because you’re making statements that show a clear lack of understanding of the transgender population. What you’re saying is neither accurate nor defensible and I’m about to articulate exactly why that is.

          First, the transgender suicide myth originates with Paul McHugh. Doesn’t really matter if you didn’t get it from him, he’s the source and his theories and observations have been widely debunked.

          Second, you *are* confusing transgender people with transvestites by implying that trans women are transvestite boys who are inapproriately encouraged to transition. And at the same time you also suggest that trans women are unhealthy men by saying that there are tons of healthy straight guys who dress in women’s clothing. Additionally, you’re continuing to use the term transsexual, a word that isn’t just inaccurate, but one that’s also fallen out of use because of the way people often use it as a pejorative aimed at transgender people.

          Third, cisgender children (I have no idea why you keep needing to include straight in there) don’t get encouraged to transition. Never have, never will, and it’s really easy to see that. Here’s how it works:

          1) Transgender people face a tremendous amount of pressure from society to continue to live as their assigned gender, despite the sort of pain and injury that causes them.
          2) Transgender children are identified by a rubric that’s often referred to as the ‘3 Tents’. Children that are persistent, consistent, and insistent that their assigned gender does not match their actual gender are probably transgender.
          3) Getting access to medical care is incredibly difficult for trans children, even thought the only thing that they can do is get on puberty blockers initially.
          3a) Puberty blockers are completely and totally safe and wholly reversible. So even if this kind of thing were a problem, it’s not a problem.
          4) In addition to the sort of gatekeeping the trans community faces from the medical community, transgender children and their families will face numerous social challenges, from bigotry to protestation to death threats and other forms of public shaming.

          In other words, the entire world is going to line up around the block to tell transgender children that they aren’t valid and they shouldn’t be allowed to transition. How can it be true that a cisgender kid can get pushed towards identifying as transgender if that’s the case? If anything you’re saying is accurate then this is the first hurdle you have to meet, because the one cannot exist with the other.

          If cisgender kids are groomed to identify as trans, then surely things must not be difficult for trans children. So you can show me evidence that trans kids have it easy, right?

          And you know what’s a permanent, irreversible health consequence? Having to go through the wrong puberty because you were prevented from accessing necessary medical care. By comparison, trans children don’t have to deal with a permanent or irreversible anything. They go on puberty blockers, and then hormones if they feel that’s the right next step. Maybe somewhere down the line they consider surgical modification, but not all trans people seek that out. Furthermore, for those that do the results are almost universally positive.

          Finally, having to say that you’re woke isn’t compelling evidence that you’re woke. By insisting that we’re talking about straight cisgender boys, you’re implying that transgender girls are unhealthy straight boys who transition to satisfy a transvestitic fetish. Not only is that not true, it’s some of the oldest transphobic bigotry that the trans community has been exposed to.

        2. First you can’t cite a Huffpo news article to debunk a 30 year longitudinal scientific study which showed no increase in quality of life and a significant increase in suicide of post-op transsexuals. The Huffpo article tried to “debunk” the gold-standard in science with a study which was just a 5 year survey asking post-op transsexuals how they feel (which was overwhelmingly positive), but only 62% of the clinics who actually gave them the surgery said the results were positive. You’re hanging your hat on that? You didnt even read the whole abstract. You just google stuff that fits your agenda, then act like youre informed. Gheesh. I think it could arguably said that any decrease in suicide in post-op transsexuals is due to the increase, and pioneering efforts, in gender reassignment-reassignment surgery. The is no love for those guys who become girls who become guys again. There’s hashtags for those who commit suicide and you’re using people who actually needed mental help (maybe before drugs and surgery) and took their own lives to justify what you really want, which is taxpayer subsidized gender reassignment for adults and kids.

          “And you know what’s a permanent, irreversible health consequence? Having to go through the wrong puberty because you were prevented from accessing necessary medical care.” <- This is why the school district is hosting an open forum. They want to block puberty in kids who might be gay or just a little feminine. Jazz (a boy who has a reality show) was put in blockers as a boy. His penis didnt grow, now "she" is growing up and doesn't have enough penis skin to invert for a vagina. Clown shoes.

          I'm all for adults doing what they want with their bodies. Hell, Theyrn Meyer is a transexual I find attractive and she debunks a lot of this nonsense (check out her youtube). But kids getting drugs and surgery? These people have no clue what they are doing, and they don't care. They want tax money.

        3. Just to summarize more of how Matthew Richardon’s talking points are incorrect:

          – Misrepresents debunked opinions on a study as the ‘gold-standard in science’. Paul McHugh himself completely misrepresented the study he was referring to when he invented the transgender suicide myth.

          The actual study was done in 2011 by team of Swedish scientists and the conclusion is clearly stated as showing that gender affirming surgeries significantly improve the lives of trans people, despite not being the be-all end-all treatment. It literally says “Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.”

          Which is not surprising for a population that’s constantly under attack.

          – Posts more false claims about the satisfaction outcomes of transgender people who seek surgery as part of their medical treatment. Again, no sources for his informatino.

          In actuality, the satisfaction rates for transgender people that seek surgical options is north of 90%. Here’s a conservative estimate from a German study, available to view on, that ranks the satisfaction at 90.2%. And everything I’ve personally read says that this is an extremely low value.

          – Misrepresents actual transgender people by repeating misconceptions about what it means to be trans. Also again repeats the use of the word transsexual, despite it’s inaccurate and problematic nature.

          Transgender women are not boys who become girls. They’re women who are born women, they just have atypical bodies for women. The same is true for trans men, they’re born men but they have atypical bodies for men. And that’s before we get to the fact that gender isn’t a binary but a spectrum, and many people aren’t born men or women but rather fall somewhere else on the spectrum.

          – Misgenders Jazz Jennings, a transgender girl who transitioned when she was young and has been the focus of media attention for the last several years. You can see this in the way he calls her a boy and says “she” with quote marks. This is a common tactic to misgender and attack transgender people as being invalid and not their actual gender.

          First, Jazz is a girl. She was never a boy. And second, sometimes complications arise when it comes to surgical modification. There are cisgender women born with Mullerian-agenesis who are born without a fully formed vagina. We’ve had success with the first attempts to correct that surgically using lab-grown organs created from the patient’s own cells. As for Jazz and her concerns, she has talked about them in an interview as part of being open about the process she’s taken seeking out surgery:

          – Finally, and perhaps most damning, he attempts to validate his stance by explaining that he finds a trans woman attractive, as though trans women were expected to be ugly.

          Sorry, Matthew, but you’re not just wrong on this, you’re spreading some really harmful nonsense around. There are plenty of trans kids who need the support of their community and you’re advocating for depriving them of that support all because you don’t actually understand anything about trans people beyond a few transphobic ideas that have validated your already prejudiced view of our community.

  7. To claim that “suicide rates are an issue with trans (not gay) students,” and that one “consider[s] gay civil rights a job done” ignores the facts:

    • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.1
    • LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth.2
    • LGB youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth.2
    • Of all the suicide attempts made by youth, LGB youth suicide attempts were almost five times as likely to require medical treatment than those of heterosexual youth.2
    • Suicide attempts by LGB youth and questioning youth are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poisoning, or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse, compared to their straight peers.2
    By The Trevor Project: We are here for you 24/7:
    • 1-866-488-7386

    More over, to suppose that gay “students will grow up, enter a world that accepts them,” is only partly true. We live in a bubble on the West Coast (thank goodness!) – but there are vast swaths of our country where to be gay is still dangerous, still risks being thrown out by one’s family, shunned by churches and harassed by peers. We have, certainly made much progress, but marriage ha not magically made LGBT’s equal, and there is in fact a large backlash building hich would roll back much, if not most, of what we have gained.

    1. Japanese commit suicide more than any group. Black teens get bullied more than any other group, yet are least likely to commit suicide. Looking at nominal rates and trying create issues where there aren’t any is intellectually lazy. I do it myself sometimes, and try not to. Connecting any of this data to the latest agenda, causes real problems. The latest agenda is, if you wait until puberty [to transition], then you’re too late. There is a targeted agenda of converting kids and the gay civil rights movement has been co-opted by the trans movement. Kids are having puberty blocked with drugs, and critisizing that is being spun as intolerant.

  8. Gentlemen, I hope my comment is not this inspiration of keyboard debate between two opposing views way down in the weeds.

    Please focus on the original post: Jan. 17 event to support Edmonds School District LGBTQ students and families.
    *“We are excited for this event; it will be the first time we have invited all parties who have expressed interest to learn together,” said Sally Guzman, the school district’s family engagement specialist.

    If you don’t want to go to this event to learn or support, it is your choice and nobody should belittle you for it. Debating about whom of the LGBTQ is more likely to experience suicide vs. black or Asian children in a disgrace to the service MEN provides, by making these types of public.

    How about if you two just get a cup of coffee, talk, agree to disagree and move on?

  9. Ed, I am in NYC. I write in comments sections in about 5 platforms. No one is coerced to write… or read comments. I really appreciate Nathaniel, and many thanks to him. I really love debating him in all these threads and I get random emails from people I dont know in Edmonds thanking us for our conversations. My Edmonds News comments are a great forum. That said, I am a politician, and can tell you first hand that usually no one is interested in people’s opinions at open forums. Most often open forums are used as implied consent for some policy or agenda they’ve already decided on and they get stacked with people who agree. Ironic.

  10. I have a black belt in forum commenting. Buck, who is likely a good person who I never met, but according to LinkedIn is an activist who works for the school district. If I said anything in their open forum that I said here, I’d be publicly shamed. Thanks but no thanks. Buck, I would love to meet for coffee as Ed suggests! Cheers.

  11. To all — I am finding the need to edit more heavily these days as the name-calling grows on this thread. Let’s call this good OK? I’m locking this one down. Move on to other topics. Holiday cheer anyone?

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