Scene in Edmonds: Civic Field demolition continues


Crews continued their work Friday on demolition of the Civic Field grandstands, and photographer Larry Vogel stopped by just in time to see the backhoe pulling out the supports from underneath a section of roof on the west end of the stands.

One of the crew pointed out the large beams coming down today, and specifically noted that the grain pattern on the end shows concentric circles, indicating that all of these beams were cut from the center of a log — “the prime cut, if you will,” Vogel said. At the time it was built these were likely cut specially for this project, he added.

“You don’t see that kind of thing these days,” the crew member remarked.  “It would be extremely expensive now to get this kind of quality.”

The huge beams are mostly untouched by already-discovered insect damage, and are being set aside for salvage, Vogel said.

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