Scene in Edmonds: Civic Field grandstands demolition begins


    Demolition of the Civic Park grandstands began Thursday morning, in preparation for implementation of the Civic Park Master Plan adopted in February 2017.

    The demolition is expected to take several days and should be completed next week.

    — Video and photos by Larry Vogel

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    1. As a 1945 graduate of Edmonds High School, a lot of my youthful memories are being torn apart with the demise of the old Civic Field grandstand. We lived just down the street when the Edmonds playfield was dedicated on Saturday, October 23, 1937. That was a big day for not only Edmonds, but for all the surrounding communities. Even the Edmonds stores closed for an hour during the dedication ceremonies. When the grandstand was new, I sat in the cold and watched many football games between our EHS team and rival schools. The old grandstand has gone through fire and remodeling since then–now it will be sad to see it completely gone.


      1. Thanks, Betty Lou for your memories! My dad and uncles (Bill, Max, Don, Arch, Herb Meyring) played football at Civic Field and were graduates of Edmonds High. I also sat in those bleachers during my junior high years. So sad to see it torn down yet with the current decay it can’t stand forever.


    2. Thanks for this article. My mom, dad and his two brothers were all 1938-1942 Edmonds High grads. While they are all gone now, it is sad to see something that I identified them with go away as well.


    3. A bit off-topic, but has anyone considered using an event like this as a fund-raiser?

      “Smash, crunch and graunch, 10 minutes for $100”

      [with hard hat plus a bit of instruction, only where nothing will fall on the machine operator]


    4. For Jay Niederhauser — I live just north of the house where your father and his two brothers grew up on 36th Ave. West in old Alderwood Manor (now Lynnwood). I walk by it several times a week. The house is part of the old homes exhibit at Lynnwood-Alderwood Manor Heritage Association (LAMHA)at Heritage Park in Lynnwood.


      1. That’s wonderful the alderwood house is still standing! I remember living there for two short periods of time while our dad Tom Niederhauser was between job transfers. His mother Grace Ness owned the house and it was fascinating to me as a 4 or 5 year old. Thanks Betty Lou for the memories! Nancy Niederhauser O’Keefe


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