Scene in Edmonds: Minor injuries in rollover crash on Edmonds Way

Edmonds police and South Snohomish Fire responded to a rollover car crash with minor injuries that occurred around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday on Edmonds Way westbound in the 23600 block. The roadway was down to one lane of traffic until the accident was cleared, police said. (Photo courtesy Edmonds Police Department)

2 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Minor injuries in rollover crash on Edmonds Way”

  1. I’m usually puzzled by the things that people will slow down and gawk at, but as I rolled past this one shortly after it happened, I had to admit THAT is something you don’t see every day.

    Glad to hear no one was seriously hurt!


  2. How does someone roll their vehicle on Edmonds Way? I am glad no serious injuries, vehicle-wise or pedestrian-wise. There was another two car accident in that same location a week ago around the same time (getting off work time). Maybe it’s time to take an alternative route home.


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