Southwest will join airlines flying from Everett’s Paine Field


A third airline has announced that it will be flying out of Everett’s Paine Field, boosting the planned number of total daily departures to 24 flights, our online news partner The Seattle Times reported Thursday. That’s 50 percent more flights than airport officials cited last year when introducing the future passenger terminal.

Southwest Airlines is joining Alaska and United Airlines in offering passenger service out of Paine Field.

Though that may rile some local residents already concerned about increased airplane noise, Snohomish County officials contend the airport activity will still be within the parameters outlined in its environmental-impact assessment, The Times said.

The Dallas-based carrier said it will operate five flights daily after the new terminal opens in September. It will fly Boeing 737s, larger than the Embraer E175 regional jets that Alaska Airlines and United plan to operate initially.

“We welcome Southwest Airlines to Snohomish County!” Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers said in a statement to the media Thursday morning. “Their focus on customer service mirrors our efforts in the county. Since Paine Field is the economic engine for our region, we will do all we can to make commercial service a success. We now have three airlines that will be serving our residents and helping to strengthen our economy. We look forward to a strong partnership with these airlines.”

You can read more in The Seattle Times story here.



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  1. The projection of flights out of Paine Field has already increased 50% in less than a year. Last week it was mostly Embraer jets, this week it has progressed to 737’s. You cannot stop “progress”, and the demand for flights is ever increasing. As I stated in an earlier comment last week, the people of Edmonds should be concerned about the “flight paths” of these flights; it will no doubt keep increasing as they build more terminals. It will eventually be an issue; I hope our Mayor and City Council get-on-it, and become part of the decision making process in conjunction with Paine Field concerning these increased flights. We do not want to be late to this “party”.


    1. Sadly this issue will typically be ignored by group-think denial until it becomes a BIG problem…sigh!

      Years ago, didn’t Vancouver WA encounter noise issues with PDX ??


    2. I might be opening a hangar at Paine Field this year. It is interesting how much demand there is there as of late. There’s a huge waiting list for the County hangars (on the GA side of things). It would be interesting to see if there are any plans to change the SIDS and STARS (flight paths) so that they are more over the water and less over Edmonds.


  2. Well you knew this was going to happen…from 24 to 32, now 48. Here we go! I’m sure officials will also say that this number is fine and won’t change the environmental impact study.


    1. Oops, just reread the article, they have already stated it is “within the parameters” of the assessment… imagine that.


  3. Here is a report that was generated to analyze all sorts of issues including noise.
    Noise is discussed starting on pg 44 and again on pg 72. The assumptions in this study however were based on the use of turbo prop plans not the jets that are now planned.

    Turns out the report is not correct at all when I comes to discussing the aircraft to be used. All 3 airlines I think are planning to use jets not props!! How can someone say that all this within the parameters when prop planes were the parameters?

    Noise mitigation could help but no one is talking about that.


    1. 65db is considered by the FAA to be “incompatible with residential communities”. Both jets and turboprops (like Dash 8’s) are louder than that. Noise abatement strategies are likely already considered, and the issue is mostly to do with residential areas in the immediate area of the the airfield. In San Diego I’ve rented hotels, and actually looked down from tall buildings as aircraft land between the buildings. Plenty of bigger cities actually surround their airport like that, London City is a famous example.


  4. I’ve flown out of Orange County airport dozens of times. They have a great noise abatemnntprogram that all air lines cooperate with. Let’s just say it’s a thrilling takeoff!
    I’m convinced P:aine Field will implement something similar.


  5. Will there be a limit on the hours of take off and landings at the airport, so that we will not be experiencing jet noise through the night??


  6. Jenny, look at my comments above and the link I provided. This report talks about a number of things including noise and flight times.


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