Artist seeks hammers for Chase Lake school project

Edmonds artist Mona Fairbanks talking with Chase Lake fifth graders at Cascadia Art Museum. (Photo by Larry Vogel).

Local artist Mona Fairbanks is putting out a request to the community for hammers that will be used by Edmonds School District students for an upcoming art project. Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation recently awarded a grant to Fairbanks for the project, which included a field trip to Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds then back to the classroom for an art project with four lessons spread throughout the school year. The hammer request is for a lesson using scrap lumber Fairbanks sourced from local building sites and turned into house shapes. The Chase Lake fifth grade class will use the scraps to fashion houses to go with their colonial history unit.

 “We already had a very generous donation from Harsin Wealth Management and Edmonds True Value Hardware and Paint,” said Fairbanks. “Used hammer donations and money donations to complete the purchase of supplies can be made at Chase Lake Elementary School, Edmonds True Value Hardware and Paint, or ArtSpot in Edmonds. Many thanks to local folks and businesses for supporting the students and the colonial heritage project.”

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