City: Green pigs will go away starting Wednesday


The green pigs that popped up all over Edmonds Tuesday morning are headed for that big pigsty in the sky. That’s the word from City of Edmonds Public Works Director Phil Williams, who said Tuesday night that city workers on Wednesday will begin removing the bright green pig-shaped cardboard signs from public rights-of-way and city parks and disposing of them.

My Edmonds News first learned of the pigs when Edmonds Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Greg Urban shared the above photos with us Tuesday morning. A little research by Urban discovered the source: — which invites you to submit your email address to be entered to win a $1,000 cash prize.

After a little more investigation, we found the contest sponsor: Trelora, a Denver-based real estate firm that has previously used this guerilla marketing stunt.

Edmonds wasn’t the only place to be covered with pigs. They were blanketed across the Seattle area, and the company acknowledged on its Seattle Green Pigs Facebook page that “our little piggies are causing quite the commotion.”

“Relax — we’ll be retrieving our pigs by the end of the week,” the post advised.

But if city official stick to their plans, it appears — in Edmonds, at least — that the pigs will be long gone by then.


6 Replies to “City: Green pigs will go away starting Wednesday”

  1. I would love to have these pigs for an art project at a local grade school. If anyone knows where they are please either get ahold of me or Frances Chapin at the city. I work at may local schools on grants and free supplies are always needed. Thanks, Mona Fairbanks


  2. Have some fun with these! Giving them away to a school for an art project sounds like a fine idea, it’s environmentally resourceful!


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