Edmonds Diversity Commission says it will ‘remain vigilant’ regarding case of alleged racial harassment


After listening to comments during its Wednesday meeting from community members as well as representatives of the local chapter of the NAACP and the Communities of Color Coalition, the Edmonds Diversity Commission said Thursday it is committed to continuing to monitor developments related to the alleged racial harassment incident involving two teenagers outside Harvey’s Lounge in Edmonds.

“The commission is gravely concerned about all matters of both alleged and confirmed racial intimidation and harassment in our community and will remain vigilant with regard to the continuing process associated with this incident. We will also remain in communication with city staff, including the Edmonds Police Department,” said Commission Chair Diana White.

In a statement issued Thursday, the commission encouraged Edmonds residents “to engage in reflection and/or dialogue with friends, family and neighbors about the alleged incident, its potential causes and ramifications. As for the commission, our mission and work plan are dedicated to exploring and addressing the environment and conditions in Edmonds that may lead to incidents of discrimination and/or exclusion.”

The commission also invites the public to attend its meetings to share thoughts and comments on this incident or other related issues. A public comment period is provided at each of the commission meetings, which are held on the first Wednesdays of every month at 6 p.m. at the Edmonds Senior Center, located at 220 Railroad Ave. N,, Edmonds.

“By coming together, we hope to make hurtful incidents such as this serve as a source of strength and cohesion in our community,” the commission statement said.

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