Edmonds police say part of Harvey’s confrontation caught on surveillance video

Edmonds police said Wednesday they are continuing to investigate a report of racially motivated threats involving two African American teenagers that occurred Feb. 4 outside of Harvey’s Lounge, located in the 21100 block of Highway 99.

According to the teens’ mom, Darnesha Weary of Edmonds, the two were working on a school photography project when they were threatened by a person from Harvey’s who had a baseball bat and used the “n-word.”

Sgt. Josh McClure confirmed that part of the confrontation was caught on surveillance video, which shows two people coming out of the bar and yelling from the doorway. According to McClure, one of the people in the video had a bat at her side, then put it down. The incident lasted less than two minutes, ending when the teens drove off.

McClure said that police have been on the case since 9 p.m. Sunday night. “There has been no down time on it,” he said. “Our police department is made up of all races and religions…and it hits home for us as well,” he added.

Edmonds police have notified the FBI about the case, and once the Edmonds investigation is complete the FBI could take further action depending on the outcome, McClure said. “If we find there is a threat with a weapon in conjunction with a racially motivated incident, we are looking at a potential federal hate crime,” he said.

Edmonds police said that Harvey’s is cooperating fully with the investigation. Harvey’s released a statement on its Facebook page that included the following:

We absolutely do NOT tolerate racism. In the 7 plus years I have been here I don’t recall ever hearing a racial comment from costumers or employee. I can’t say it has never happened, I just haven’t witnessed it. As the officer just told me: “Please wait till the the police report is final and the facts will be clear”.

Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling commented about the matter during Tuesday night’s city council meeting, saying that Edmonds “is an open and welcoming community that does not tolerate the type of repugnant behavior alleged in this incident. Upon conclusion of the police department investigation, if the allegations are borne out and criminal charges are warranted, I fully expect the legal prosecution of this matter will be carried out to the full extent of the law and any perpetrators will be brought to justice,” Earling said.

  1. I’m glad everybody is taking this seriously, and I hope all the facts come out including who said what to whom and where the bat was involved in all of this.

  2. Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling commented about the matter during Tuesday night’s city council meeting, saying that Edmonds “is an open and welcoming community that does not tolerate the type of repugnant behavior alleged in this incident. Upon conclusion of the police department investigation, if the allegations are borne out and criminal charges are warranted, I fully expect the legal prosecution of this matter will be carried out to the full extent of the law and any perpetrators will be brought to justice,” Earling said. With all due respect to the Mayor, his statement saying “does no tolerate the type of repugnant behavior alleged”………is simply not true. We have lived here 8 years (from metropolitan Seattle) and one need only look toward the “development” in this town and one can easily see it has been racially segregated (planned) along lines of color and class. In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court had to reaffirm the 1968!!! Fair Housing Act………because, across our country, communities have been segregated along racial lines…….. developers, real estate, and racists and ol’ white men/women who wish to keep their communities white. As our government here has a long history of real estate/development, I look to them to set the pace for diversity and inclusion so this town can move into the future – Some comments I have heard along racist lines here are appalling this day and age…..For instance, “not in my front yard” by a well-known long time developer. this is what happens here, when you also think it is ok to throw up new development up on 99 (worst crime area always – the highway….put the low income housing up there,( even right next to the pawn shops)…and people of color and low income are segregated to up there…..the highway………Yes, planned. .From a certain point over geographically here , THAT is where the new development is done, planned……..We have had many, many racial incidents here down in the white section of Edmonds…..most recently the noose hanging at the construction site by the white community on the hill up there. We have heard very little of the Diversity Commission and notice that one of the Commisioners has a column in the weekly paper and we have not seen one article on Inclusion and Diversity. 2040 is the year that white people will be in the minority and this couldn’t come any time soon. Everything starts at the TOP as we have seen in the other Washington. This city needs to move FORWARDS, not backwards. Developing a segregated community is backward thinking and does not move our town into the future. Yes, Edmonds does “tolerate” this type of behavior – The simple truth – In the United States we move FORWARDS not backwards – We are a ” beacon of light” for everybody, everywhere !! All of us living together as diverse communities! This is how we progress forward with diversity and move into a future that is rich with many, many voices and ideas.

    1. Tere, I’m new on the Diversity Commission (and speaking only for myself here). I can tell you that I would not have joined if I thought it was doing nothing. Have you been to the workshops they’ve sponsored and hosted? The programs they issued grants to, to enhance dialog and community conversation on diversity? The Commission meetings? I would encourage you to look at the Commission website (https://www.edmondswa.gov/diversity-commission-home.html). There is a link directly to the film series. And while it’s not easy to dig them up, I admit, the minutes of meetings include lists of the programs the DC has funded in its short life. There are a lot of people trying to do something about issues related to diversity in Edmonds – it may not be perfect, but we care enough to try to get there, even knowing we never will.

    2. Many good points about how the current system will lead to lower income housing on 99 and not in downtown. The Affordable Housing Task force has not yet held their public sessions but they are looking at all the ways we may consider subsidizing housing regardless of location. Among the ideas are several tax breaks and fee reductions that could lead to more affordable housing in locations other than 99. Most would require others to pick up the cost of these subsidies with higher fees and taxes to provide these subsidies. Public policy to overcome normal market factors is always filled with touchy issues. Affordable and diverse housing is no different. But some good points above.

    3. While you are not wrong about 99 being a locus of criminal activity, I’ve got a few things to say about that. First, the low-cost residential housing will be a good thing if it replaces the drug-infested hotels and motels that dot 99 through Edmonds. It will also be a good thing if it gets even some of the local homeless off the street and into apartments where they can begin to get their lives back on track.

      I also think that the international flavor of the 99 corridor through Edmonds is an asset, not some sort of liability. Yes, we have lots of immigrants here, comparatively speaking, but I don’t think they are living here because they don’t have a choice. I think most of them have chosen to live here just like I did.

  3. The FBI has a crime map of the United States and the highways are the biggest Crime areas across our country – THIS is NOT new news…….It has always been that way. Well, speaking of them (people living on 99 or around 99) “don’t have a choice”……….Well, try to find housing in the rest of Edmonds that is anywhere near affordable………THIS is called planned segregation…..this didn’t just happen. It has been planned this way. Many of the people of color from other countries have also been brought here by people who identify as “missionaries” and always these people also end up in the “other” Edmonds………We know from a number of years ago when someone at the top of our government in real estate/development actually referred to the “other” Edmonds. We all share this small planet together…………and in the United States of America, we have a Constitution with the words, “we the people”. For the uneducated and unenlightened that means all of us, together……..we the people. 99 has been developed ever since I have lived in Washington state (68 years) and regardless of all the $$$$$$ spent on development (just profits for real estate/developers)t, it is still a crime area. This type of development has meant nothing except for $$$$$ in the pockets of a few…… It is also appaling that in the worst part of 99 for Edmonds, there are actually at least two businesses that are meant specifically for children. This did not just happen. With the wide-spread trafficking of people and children for major $$$$$$ profits (they can be sold over and over, unlike drugs), it is quite incredible to think that someone around here thinks its ok to put children in harms way. And last but not least, just because someone is homeless and may need help and/or a hand up, doesn’t mean we should relegate our most vulnerable to the most crime ridden areas. This says a lot about our humanity, whether we have it or not. “international flavor of the 99 corridor”………this is sheer segregation and that is exactly what our Supreme Court in 2015 ruled against, a segregated country…..This isn’t about “flavors”, it is about racism.

      1. Edmonds, Washington is ON a national list for having some hate crimes that have occurred in our town. Education, education, education

        1. What city isn’t ON a list? Objectivity, Objectivity, Objectivity. You’re calling our society racist. I am raising kids and think they society they are inheriting is great. What have you done personally to change the world you think is so bad? Say, for example, you didn’t live in the 99 corridor yourself, why not trade houses with someone who does? You pay your mortgage, they live in your house, and they’ll pay your rent while you live in their appartment. #YouFirst

      2. One of Ms Ryders points if I understand it correctly is that by virtue of where we may put affordable housing we will create a form of racism. Our land use economics do create areas of low income housing. Without some subsidies of some sort we are not likely to create affordable housing in neighborhoods with high land values. Her point can mean that land values in an of themselves do create a form of racism.

        1. Where I grew up, we lived in 30yo trailers and barter is how we afforded anything that wasn’t edible. My best friend’s house had dirt floors and the trailer he lives in today is barely insulated. Today I’m middle class because towns like Edmonds dont care where you come from so long as you contribute. People act like highway 99 corridor is a third world country. Not true. Get some perspective. The idea that poverty creates crime, unemployment, or causes us to fail out of school is not true. Dads. I had one.

        2. Annecdotally, the poorest community I’ve ever lived in was all white. Then, it could arguably be said, that subsidies are the cause of segregation. Its not like San Francisco and Oakland aren’t both progressive cities actively doing everything you suggest. Unlike the northwest where there is little diversity to start with, San Francisco is arguably the most statistically segregated city in America. Its called White Flight, but it really is-is Family Flight. Being poor, moving from one job to another is relatively easy compared to those who receive subsidies and factor in the risk of losing it if they move or get a new job. Poor white single moms are still up to nothing in my home town, still collecting checks and “maximizing their benefits” as it’s often said. Gary Indiana is a case study in how family units (forget which color for a moment) move when factories close but broken families who receive subsidies stay put when the jobs leave, as the mail still gets delivered. Equity of income is a horrible goal. Income Mobility is how to measure how fair a society is. America leads the world in our ability for someone poor to become someone wealthy. Subsidies are an impediment to mobility. Not having cohesive families is how pockets of poor communities stay poor, with little mobility. Besides, I can point out a few Asian and Jewish communities I can’t afford to live in, and would never consider society racist because I’m not subsidized to live there. Also besides, why knock those living in the 99 corridor? Ive lived in poorer areas than that and would be offended if someone thought my community was a concern from their ivory tower. I visited my childhood friend a few years ago. He’s poor, working hard but really happy. He’d be offended. Imagine if the people in Woodway were musing about the Edmonds corridor. Her whole rant and my whole rant are very uncomfortable. Shame on us both.

  4. What starts as an investigation about 2 kids taking pictures for a school project who reported a racial confrontation has turned into a discussion of subsidies, crime, and affordable housing. We have places to comment on MEN about the Hwy 99 development and affordable housing and even homeless issues. All this is interesting but based on the thumbs up and down we have some very different opinions. Lets find a way to talk about, share experiences, and move things forward.

    1. This is actually a trial in the court of public option. We are advocates when the parents and the media put this into the court of public opinion ahead of an instigation. So far it looks like no one (like a bouncer) chased anyone with a bat. The EPD did a great job of resting that claim. It does question the veracity or the context of alleged racial slurs as well, being that was the other charge. Edmonds was accused of being racist and unsafe and deserves the presumption of innocence. If my kids were genuinely threatened, I wouldn’t allow KIRO to put their names, pictures, and where they go to school all over. So far this looks like a simple case of failed manners and conflict resolution skills by all parties. I rest my case.

  5. It would be interesting to see the school assignment pictures that the teenage kids were taking…

    What kind of school assignment?? And at a tavern??

  6. not saying any of this is fair–but being on the less fortunate side, i know that if you cant PAY to live in a certain area then you cant stay. people downtown edmonds pay high property taxes and dont want certain bs going down in their neighborhood. if they wanted chaos for themselves and their kids, they would subject themselves to the city and rougher neighborhoods.

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