Scene in Edmonds: This little piggy…

Anyone know the story behind these green pig cutouts spotted in downtown Edmonds Tuesday morning? The brightly-colored porkers were seen mainly on Dayton Street between 4th and 6th Avenues, with a few on Main Street, said Edmonds Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Greg Urban, who took this photo.

7 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: This little piggy…”

  1. The Green Pigs are a promotion for a Denver based real estate company. Support our local real estate agents!! These signs are placed on private property and public right of way without permits or permission. I say gather them all up and get them out of town! #supportlocal #edmondschamber


  2. I wonder how big an outrage this cute, very temporary ad campaign would’ve been accepted had it been a local Edmonds real estate company promo? How dare this out of state business bring their pigs to our area!


  3. Our local real estate companies violate our city code with every one of their directional signs. We do nothing about it but get upset when an outsider comes along with their signs. Check code 20.60.065
    B 3 a. They also post these signs on private property without permission.


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