Scene in Edmonds: Salmon transfer


On Tuesday morning, Feb. 13, volunteers from Trouts Unlimited and the Puget Sound Anglers Association, in cooperation with Washington Department Fish and Wildlife, transferred 30,000 one- year-old Coho salmon from the Willow Creek Fish Hatchery to a fish pen moored in the Edmonds Marina. The fish pen will be moored at the base of the Edmonds Fishing Pier for approximately three months while the fish grow and adapt to the saltwater environment — then they will be released. The goal ,according to one volunteer, is to help increase the dwindling salmon population. (Photos by Doug Parrott)

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  1. Very well done to all involved! Working towards increasing salmon populations and a sustainable salmon fishery are highly commendable and worthy goals. Again, very well done and thanks for all your efforts.


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