Scene in Edmonds: Taming Bigfoot teams share first-month successes, plan next steps


More than 60 members of the Edmonds Taming Bigfoot teams came together Thursday evening at the Library Plaza room to share their experiences in the program’s first month, and prepare to move on to the real work of reducing their individual carbon footprints.

Structured as a friendly competition between teams, the effort kicked off January 1 as each member of the 20 teams began measuring their carbon footprint, defined as their individual contribution to atmospheric CO2. Comprising obvious activities like miles driven and gallons of gasoline purchased, participants also weighed and measured their garbage, read and recorded data from their electric, gas and water meters, and even the foods they purchased and prepared.

Each participant added their data to the Taming Bigfoot website, where it was compiled and converted to reflect its carbon impact.

“January was the baseline month,” said Stan Gent, Taming Bigfoot webmaster. “Data so far reflects carbon impact before any efforts to reduce. The fun began February 1, when participants began taking positive steps to reduce their carbon footprint. By the end of March when the competition ends, we’ll see how well the teams did.”

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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