Sponsor spotlight: Free heating and cooling system check-ups through AirGanic

Heating, cooling and insulation function together to provide comfort in a home. Unfortunately sometimes we ignore these systems until they break down. Furnaces seem to go out on the coldest night and cooling systems are sometimes not up to the task when heat waves arrive. If that’s not enough, poor insulation can leave us feeling the drafts or paying more than we should for energy.

AirGanic is a local company that offers free heating and cooling system check-ups. They can also provide advice on cleaning up your home’s air quality.

Sneeze no more: Clean crawl and attic spaces can help alleviate some allergy symptoms.

Customers rave about AirGanic’s “incredible customer service.” They take comfort and healthy air seriously. The chilly temperatures we’ve been experiencing the last few days are a good reminder to have our furnaces checked out before a problem arises, and we’re left shivering.

You can learn more at airganicseattle.com or by calling 206-747-4769.

— Sponsored by Airganic


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