Bartell clarifies position: Will only stop carrying assault weapon magazines


Bartell Drugs on Monday clarified its store policy, stated last week, regarding the sales of gun-related magazines in its stores.

Bartell will continue to sell gun and hunting publications but won’t sell magazines related to assault weapons, spokesperson Ric Brewer said.

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  1. I am starting to feel like I do not want to patronize Bartells any more. Between this and the large housing complex behind their store in Edmonds. I am not sure I want to support that Family.


    1. We have been shopping, and getting our medications, at the Bartell at Westgate since they opened. Not going there anymore would be a big loss for us. We’ll have to see what the parking situation is after the new development is operating. I am doubtful that there will be adequate parking.


  2. That is a real danger with the new residential units in this location and potential problem for all the businesses. Great if you live there not so good for those that have frequented the businesses for years. If the parking is not there they could simply stop coming and go elsewhere. That would be a shame for Bartells and all the business there. Very nice Bartells there, seniors especially need convenience.

    When the ferry comes in now the McDonalds is already tough to access. I can see people potentially staying away from the area. The busineses still need more than just the residents there in my opinion.


  3. I certainly hope Bartell will not lose business because of the construction now and new condos/retail later. All the people in that store are wonderful. Hopefully, people will support them now, even if it means some inconvenience. And, let’s see what happens when construction is completed before thinking about abandoning ship


  4. 91 families will enjoy living so convenient to all the nearby stores and businesses. They will just have to go somewhere else to buy their assault weapons mags.


  5. This is so stupid I don’t even know how to address it…I too am changing druggist soon. My perscription is every ready when they say it will be. Hard enough now to find parking. And the gun magazine is so stupid and political… I’m SICK TO DEATH of everything politicized.


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