City says it will review concerns about speeders along 218th Street Southwest

The City of Edmonds says it will review complaintts about speeding traffic on 218th Street Southwest between 76th and 92nd Avenues West.

Kevin Cyphers of Edmonds last weekend sent an email to the Edmonds Mayor and City Council regarding speeding concerns near his home in the 7800 block of 218th Street Southwest.

Cyphers, who is retired, said he has live in the home for seven years, and each year has notified police of excessive speeding he has observed, starting at 80th Avenue West going westbound on 218th.

“Speeders pass my driveway constantly throughout the day well in excess of 10 mph over the 25 mph limit,” he wrote. “Not only is it dangerous to exit my home, neighbors’ driveways and cross streets, but there are pedestrians, children and pets threatened by the same speeders day after day.”

Sidewalks are nonexistent on both sides of the street between 80th and 78th, he added.

“These speeders not only flip off people working on their yards next to the street, but accelerate when people wave them to slow down,” Cyphers said.

“This needs to be addressed with a lower limit, speed bumps, stop signs, local traffic only, roundabouts or all of the above. Weekly, I remove empty bottles of beer and alcohol, along with multitudes of garbage discarded by passing vehicles.”

In addition, motorcycle races occur during the good-weather months, he said.

“Please address this public nuisance and dangerous situation before a tragic situation occurs,” Cyphers said.

In reply, City of Edmonds Public Works Director Phil Williams said Tuesday that a portion of  218th Street Southwest from 76th Avenue West to 80th Avenue West will be included in the city’s 2018 Traffic Calming Program Evaluation. Another evaluation was also requested this year along 218th Street Southwest from 92nd to 84th Avenues. The two sections of 218th Street Southwest are considered separate since there are stop signs at 84th and 80th Avenues, Williams said.

“The city will conduct a speed study on these streets and if the evaluation shows these locations meet our criteria for traffic calming, we will then identify the most cost-effective remedy to address the problem, Williams said.

And any citizen who has a similar concern about traffic near their residence can ask to be consider for the city’s Traffic Calming Program for next year. You can get more information on that program here.


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