Edmonds City Council set to take next step Tuesday in addressing homelessness issue


    Among the items on the Edmonds City Council’s business meeting agenda Tuesday is discussion of a draft request for proposals (RFP) for a consultant who can assist the city in determining the extent of the homelessness problem in Edmonds — and to identify services available to those who are homeless.

    The RFP draft attached to the council agenda notes that Edmonds has set aside funding to help address the local homelessness issue “and is very interested in determining how best to leverage those funds to make a meaningful and lasting reduction in the number of homeless.” Of particular urgency is to identify housing solutions,” the RFP said. The proposal must not exceed $25,000, which is part of $250,000 approved by the council to tackle the homelessness issue.

    Also on the council agenda are the following presentations:

    – Summary of Transportation Construction Costs, 2012-2017. (See our earlier story here.)

    – Arts Commission Annual Report for 2017

    – City Attorney Annual Report

    – December 2017 Quarterly Financial Report

    In addition, the council is set to consider the following action items:

    – Ordinance amending City Code Section 3.20.080 Utility Tax Payment Schedule

    – Ordinance establishing a fund for Edmonds Marsh restoration and preservation

    The council will also hear council committee reports.

    The meeting will be in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. You can see the complete agenda here.


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