Edmonds Police Blotter: March 20-27


March 20

300 block 5th Avenue South: Unknown suspect broke out the front door window, entered the business and stole unknown items.

600 block 9th Avenue North: Domestic dispute reported.

23000 block 100th Avenue West: First-degree theft from commercial building.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Police responded to a dine and dash incident at restaurant.

23800 block Highway 99: Possible narcotics found in parking lot.

7300 block 213th Place West: Theft from checking account reported.

March 21

8500 block 196th Street Southwest: Victim’s stolen vehicle was recovered, missing the rear license plate. The plate entered as stolen, and the front plate destroyed.

22900 block Edmonds Way: Graffiti reported.

20700 block Highway 99: Edmonds PD assisted Lynnwood PD on a robbery.

21000 block 76th Avenue West: A neglect complaint was filed following death of a family member who had been admitted to a rehabilitation center.

100 block Main Street: Suspicious mail was received from a known subject.

23800 block Highway 99: Domestic dispute reported.

21900 block Highway 99: A cell phone was stolen after it was left at a store.

20900 block 76th Avenue West: A door was kicked in but nothing taken or disturbed.

21400 block Highway 99: Theft from a convenience store reported.

16100 blcok 75th Place West: Trespass warnings were issued to three subjects.

March 22

250 5th Ave. N.: A man turned in three guns to police for disposal.

21400 block 72nd Avenue West: Vehicle prowl reported.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for robbery after he fought with loss prevention when stealing merchandise.

18200 block 73rd Avenue West: Subject was booked into Snohomish County Jail for domestic violence assault.

21900 block Highway 99: A woman was trespassed and arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia after shoplifting at a local store.

100 block 5th Avenue South: A subject was trespassed from a local pub.

23200 block 96th Avenue West: Man brought in his Concealed Pistol Licensw to surrender, pursuant to a King County Superior Court Order.

March 23

7900 block 236th Street Southwest: Edmonds resident tells police his daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend is in possession of a firearm.

60 block Pine Street: Report of a condominium storage locker burglary

17800 block 69th Avenue West: Man reported that someone had entered his parked vehicle, stole a wallet and damaged the ignition.

9500 block 244th Street Southwest: Apartment mailboxes were broken into, damaged.

21600 block Highway 99: Theft from medical clinic reported.

22200 block Highway 99: Edmonds PD provided assist to fire personnel on heroin overdose. Patient was transported to hospital.

March 24

8600 block 240th Street Southwest: Two subjects who are cousins and roommates got into an argument, and one of them assaulted the other.

700 block Maple Street: An intoxicated subject was located in a side yard, lost and confused

Caspers Street/9th Avenue North: An abandoned car resulted in a female being placed in protective custody and transported to the hospital.

700 block Dayton Street: A man attempting to walk home intoxicated, fell and destroyed bush of an Edmonds resident.

21900 block Highway 99: A theft arrest led felony drug charges.

21900 block Highway 99: Complainant reported that a female subject attempted to pass counterfeit money at a local restaurant.

600 block Glen Street: An argument between an engaged couple occurred.

21600 block Highway 99: Edmonds police assisted the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office with locating an assault suspect.

23600 block 79th Avenue West: Police responded to a verbal argument between mother and daughter, and 30 minutes later were called to the same address for a verbal argument between husband and wife.

March 25

7300 block 224th Street Southwest: A resident found an unknown man on back patio, looking through items.

24200 block 78th Place: A woman reported that her 16-year-old son went to school on Friday and he did not return home during the weekend. The son came back home later in the morning.

1000 block 3rd Avenue South: Police responded to ongoing issues between husband and wife. The husband left with an 11-month-old child.

1400 block 8th Place South: Male and female roommates got into a domestic argument.

20800 block 78th Avenue West: Police provided an assist to the fire department for a possible domestic assault.

212th Street Southwet /76th Avenue West: A woman was arrested for DUI after a collision.

March 26

500 block Dayton Street: Theft was reported.

Maplewood Lane/84th Avenue West: Police responded to a single-vehicle collision in which the vehicle left the roadway into heavy brush. The driver was arrested for DUI, taken to the hospital and booked into Snohomish County Jail.

20700 block 78th Place West: A juvenile female was reported as a runaway.

March 27

7600 block 200th Street Southwest: Police responded to report of a subject with a lacerated hand; all parties stated it was accidental.

9900 block 220th Street Southwest: Forgery was reported.

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