Edmonds police to launch pedestrian safety emphasis starting April 2


Edmonds Police Department’s traffic unit is conducting a  pedestrian safety emphasis starting Monday, April 2.

On April 2, police will be handing out educational flyers in downtown Edmonds — at 5th and Walnut, 5th and Main and 3rd and Main. On Tuesday, April 3, they will distributing those same flyers on Highway 99 — at 220th, 224th and 238th Streets Southwest.

Police will return to those same locations on April 8-12, and will be issuing tickets to violators.



4 Replies to “Edmonds police to launch pedestrian safety emphasis starting April 2”

  1. Once again the EPD hit a “home run”. If they waited until fall it would be a “touch down”! What a great way to help drivers and pedestrian safety. Great job EPD.


  2. I walk a lot in Edmonds. Most drivers are careful and considerate, but some are rude and impatient. The worse ones are oblivious. 3rd and Dayton is particularly dangerous. I wish the police would hand out flyers there.


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