February 2018 High School Students of the Month


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Shawn Pavatte

Interests: I’m a history nerd with an interest in politics. I love studying history. It’s always been a big thing for me. I like looking back and seeing how events played out, wondering why so and so made whatever decision and how that impacted events or learning about people that did incredible, heroic deeds. Politics is interesting to me, but I don’t really want to dive down that rabbit hole. I also have a keen interest in science, mostly astronomy. I’m sure everyone dreams to explore different planets and discover new things. Looking up at the night sky and realizing that every star has a solar system as complex as our own, just puts in perspective how small we are, and how much there is for us to explore, once we get the whole space travel thing down of course. And, of course if I like science I gotta like science fiction. Aliens, time travel, space ships, etc… Of course, I like jotting down some crazy sci-fi ideas and making short stories. Writing is fun, but I’m not that talented at it, sadly. Aside from writing, I like to play video games; but hey, what guy my age doesn’t?

Future Education Goals: College at some point, but not right after high school.

Future Career Goals: The military and, later, game design.

Anything else you want us to know? I’m pretty fly for a pale white guy.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Esperanza Park

Mother’s Name: Carmela Park

Father’s Name: Douglas Park

Current Employment: Fred Meyer

Future Career Goals: School counselor/child psychologist

Josh Roehl

Mother’s Name: Becky Roehl

Father’s Name: Bob Roehl

Future Educational Goals: I plan on earning a bachelor’s degree. I also plan on going to Edmonds Community College next year.

Future Career Goals: I am currently unsure as to what my career path is. Some potential interests of mine include creative writing and multimedia journalism.

Edmonds-Woodway High
Armon Tenaw

Mother’s Name: Eyerusalem Berhie

Father’s Name: Waltengus Talema

GPA: 3.8

Clubs & Activities: Friends of Hudad club, Soccer EWHS, UOTY (United Orthodox Tewahedo Youth), Cross Country

Athletics: Varsity Soccer

Honors: National Honor Society

Awards: Warrior Pride Recognition at Edmonds Woodway High School

Community Service: YMCA youth coach, teacher at St. Michael Church; volunteer librarian at EWHS.

Current Employment: Certified Soccer Referee

Future Educational Goals: Attend four year university to pursue my education in electrical engineer and physiology.

Future Career Goals: My goal is to use my career and education as a bridge to influence kids and young adults so they can lead a better and successful life.

Anything else we should know? I was born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S. in 2011. My goal is to make sure kids learn to avoid and defeat the distraction that today’s world is generating.

Daphne Aubrey

Mother’s Name: Annie Deng

Father’s Name: Keith Aubrey

GPA: 3.8

Clubs & Activities: Science Club Vice President, Unified Cheer, Bird Watching Club

ASB: Executive Tech Officer

Athletics: Varsity Cheerleading Captain

Honors: National Honors Society

Awards: Athlete of the Week

Community Service: Work with Unified Cheer, Teach science to 6th graders via Science Club

Future Educational Goals: To attend a four year university

Anything else we should know? I’m enrolled in the Full IB Program




Meadowdale High

Yubi Lojewski

Mother’s Name: Fatima Lojewski

GPA: 3.6

Clubs & Activities: Black Student Union President, Equity Team, Key Club, and National Honor Society

ASB: Student Representative on ESD School Board

Community Service: Peer tutor, Equity Alliance for Achievement

Significant School Project: Directed the MLK Jr. Assembly and the Diversity assembly as well as smaller projects that recognize students of color at MHS.

Future Educational Goals: Graduate from WSU with a Criminal Justice degree and a minor in Ethnic Studies.

Future Career Goals: Advocating for young people of color in the criminal justice or educational system.

Orion Herman

Mother’s Name: Sandra Herman

Father’s Name: Brian Herman

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: Link coordinator (sophomore, junior, and senior year)

ASB: Freshman senator; Sophomore senator; Executive Secretary – Junior and Senior years

Athletics: Elite Hockey – freshman, sophomore and senior years

Honors: Everett Youth Hockey student of the month (October 2016)
NAPHL all academic team (2015-16)

Awards: Leadership award (2016 Air Force Academy hockey camp), Youth Merit Award for service, dependability and leadership, from local Rotary Club (November 2017)

Community Service: Coaching beginner hockey players for Seattle Junior Hockey Association (2012-17)

Current Employment: Bicycle mechanic at Gregg’s Lynnwood Cycle

Future Educational Goals: To attend the United States Naval Academy or Montana State University for aerospace engineering

Future Career Goals: Anything that will allow me to provide a great life for my family.


Project SEARCH
Sara Barnes

Mother’s Name: Karen Barnes

Father’s Name: Terry Barnes

Clubs & Activities: In high school I was on the Sparkle squad.

Community Service: Volunteer at Swedish Edmonds Hospital

Significant School Project: I am working in materials management filling am delivering orders to different floors in the hospital, organizing the shelves of the warehouse, and sweep the warehouse.

Future Educational Goals: To graduate Project SEARCH and get a paid job.

Future Career Goals: I would like to work at Fred Meyer stocking shelves and cashiering full time.

Anything else we should know? I am a very kind and helpful person.

Scriber Lake High

James Burlingame

Father’s name: Brad Burlingame

Awards: Boy Scouts Community Service Award

Current Employment: Sope Paw as a custodian

Future Educational Goals: Welding School

Future Career Goals: To become a welder for the US Navy

Jocelyn Chavez

Mother’s name: Sofia Santacruz

Future Educational Goals: Evergreen State College or University of Washington

Future Career Goals: I hope to be a psychologist.

Anything else we should know? I like to sing and draw/paint on my free time.



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