Snohomish Conservation District recognizes E-W Students Saving Salmon Club president

Emily McLaughlin Sta. Maria at work. (Photo courtesy Joe Scordino)

Emily McLaughlin Sta. Maria, president of Edmonds-Woodway High School’s Students Saving Salmon Club, will be honored by the Snohomish Conservation District for her exceptional work to conserve natural resources.

McLaughlin Sta. Maria will be  recognized in the Conservation Leaders of the Year – Youth Category.during an event April 12

According to Students Saving Salmon Club advisor Joe Scordino, McLaughlin Sta. Maria has led the club this year in various activities, inclding stream monitoring, salmon surveys, habitat restoration, and assisting with coho salmon rearing at the Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery. She has also been one of the Stream Team leaders in the citizen science water quality monitoring project since its inception in 2015.

“She is the most knowledgeable student on field data techniques and has trained many of the new students that have joined the project,” Scordino said. “We are all very proud of Emily in winning this well-deserved award.”

According to the Snohomish Conservation District announcement, the 17-year-old McLaughlin Sta. Maria is a full-time International Baccalaureate student.

“Emily’s dedication to conservation has included hands-on work releasing over 800 juvenile Coho salmon into upper stream areas and habitat restoration in Shell Creek, where students planted 400 native plants along the creek to enhance the habitat for salmon,” the announcement said.

2 Replies to “Snohomish Conservation District recognizes E-W Students Saving Salmon Club president”

  1. Sweet! It’s so great to see the next generation moving up to do the good work of conserving our natural resources! AND collecting important data so we can monitor the health of salmon and habitat! I’m very impressed, and also proud!
    Sincere congratulations to Emily!


  2. This is such great news and congratulations Emily! Anyone that wants to go on the monitoring trips with the Students and Joe Scordino can contact me or the Save our Marsh Group. They generally do their monitoring the first of each month. Congratulations to Emily and all the Students Saving Salmon.


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