Veterans Memorial Monument arrives at new home


After a small facelift at Quiring Monuments in Seattle, the 1948 historical monument memorializing the young men of Edmonds School District No. 15 who lost their lives to war — has arrived at its new home.

The monument for many years was located at the Edmonds Historical Museum, but was removed from there March 8. It now getting settled at the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery and Columbarium, 820 15th St. S.W., where it arrived Thursday, March 15.

Plans are underway for the memorial to be rededicated during the annual Memorial Day ceremony, which will be held at the cemetery Monday, May 28, at 11 a.m.

4 Replies to “Veterans Memorial Monument arrives at new home”

  1. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to install it a the Veterans Memorial Park across from the Log Cabin?


  2. That historical memorial had a special resonance with me. For decades, this has been my town’s veterans’ memorial. I wish it could have stayed put (or been relocated at the new memorial park a few meters away). Now very few people will see it and, sadly, it will fade from memory.


  3. The history of the memorial monument had mostly faded from memory, and it was not welcome at the new veterans’ memorial park. At the cemetery it is in an honored spot and will be right in the forefront for the Memorial Day services and the Walk Back in Time program. After 70 years and its fourth home it finally looks as if it belongs. Also, many of the young men whose names are listed on the memorial are buried at the cemetery, as is the founding father of this historical memorial monument. Edmonds Memorial Cemetery is well maintained by our Edmonds Parks Dept. and has a sexton on duty–it will be well cared for there. Also, since the cemetery has the look of a park, many people stroll the roadway through the roadway, and the memorial monument is in a very prominent spot.


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