‘Bookworm’ settles in for good read atop Edmonds Library flower pole

Call it perfect product placement.

The latest flower basket pole installed Wednesday morning by the City of Edmonds — located at the entrance to the Edmonds Library — is a bookworm

According to a city announcement, five flower basket poles were recently replaced by the City of Edmonds. The new black poles are designed to have unique artwork permanently installed on top of the pole, adding an element of visual interest even when the flowers are gone during the colder months. These art-enhanced flower basket poles are available for commemoration, with a plaque installed at eye level on the side of the pole.

The newest commemoration plaque and artwork was donated by the Friends of the Edmonds Library, and is inscribed with the message: “In Celebration of the Edmonds Library.” The Friends reserved this spot in 2016, waiting until the city was able to install new poles this winter to see the final product, the announcement said

The unique artwork, called “Bookworm,” was donated by recycled metals artist Roy NcCorchuk, who formerly worked for the city, and who — in that role –assisted over the years with many public art installations. The bookworm is constructed of recycled metals with painted elements.  Students at Richard Gordon Elementary School in Kingston assisted with the project by painting the pages of the book.

The art-enhanced flower basket poles comprise a program of the City of Edmonds Arts Commission. Initiated in 2010 with support from the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation for the prototype poles, there are now 27 poles installed and about half of them have already been commemorated.

Artwork is selected through a process facilitated by the Edmonds Arts Commission. For more information, contact the City of Edmonds Arts Office, 425-771-0228 or eac@edmondswa.gov.

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