City celebrates ‘Best Book I Ever Read’ poster contest winners

Best Book I Ever Read poster contest winners line up during a reception on April 20.

A reception for the “Best Book I Ever Read Poster Contest” winners was held on Friday, April 20 in the Edmonds Plaza Room.

A program of the City of Edmonds Arts Commission, “Best Book I Ever Read Poster Contest” is an annual event designed to celebrate both literary and visual arts, and provides Edmonds third grade students the opportunity to make posters featuring a favorite book.

Participating schools this year were Chase Lake Elementary, Edmonds Elementary, Edmonds Heights K-12, Holy Rosary School, Seaview Elementary, Sherwood Elementary and Westgate Elementary. The reception’s featured speaker was children’s book author and illustrator Dana J. Sullivan (“My Red Velvet Cape,” “Ozzie and the Art Contest,” “Kay Kay’s Alphabet” and the “Digger and Daisy” series).

The winning posters are on display in the Frances Anderson Center through Saturday, May 19.

2018 Outstanding Posters

  • From Chase Lake Elementary: Kaiyah Bagwell, Lucie Bell, Danna Escoto Ramos, Grace Hudson, and Almina Tirak.
  • From Edmonds Heights K-12: Felicity Silvers.
  • From Holy Rosary School: Noa Gillespie.
  • From Seaview Elementary: Dawn Andrews, Leyna Ball, Alianna Graham, Nikos Karnikis, Dina Samuel, Amelia Uyeno, and Caleb Waddel.
  • From Sherwood Elementary: Peter Day, Miles Knuth, Kaia McCormick, and Sabina Wilcox.
  • From Westgate Elementary: Devlin Featherston and Flora Gjonaj.

2018 Honorable Mention Posters

  • From Chase Lake Elementary: Amiya Benn, Sophia DeFrancisco, Macy Miller, Kate O’Connor, Rahsen Selifis, and Junny Magana Silvera.
  • From Edmonds Elementary: Maija Jinneman and Sophia McAuley.
  • From Holy Rosary School: Anders Alvarez and Cash Crawford.
  • From Seaview Elementary: Molly Goodman, Evelyn Oster and Jenny Riley.
  • From Sherwood Elementary: Ellie Alderson, Juliana Brown, Mikey Meyer, Carlos Roldan-Ochoa and Audrey Rothmier.
  • From Westgate Elementary: Hannah Choi and Ava Van Horn.

The City of Edmonds also wants to give a special thank you to Best Book program partners, Friends of the Edmonds Library, Sno-Isle Edmonds Library, the Edmonds School District, Private School Library Media Specialists and third grade teachers.

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