Edmonds police blotter: April 17-23


April 17

400 block of Admiral Way: A vehicle prowl was reported at Edmonds Marina.

22900 block of 106th Avenue West: Aluminum decking was stolen from a school fire escape.

21500 block of 72nd Avenue West: A missing adult was reported. The adult was later found.

23500 block of Highway 99: An item sold through a cell phone app was paid for using counterfeit money.

23000 block of 79th Place West: A stolen credit card was used at multiple locations in King and Snohomish counties.

8100 block of 236th Avenue West: Officers responded to a verbal argument between a mother and her adult son.

7000 block of 176th Place Southwest: A woman was arrested for assaulting her mother.

April 18

22900 block of Highway 99: Several subjects were arrested and booked into jail on felony and misdemeanor assault charges after a bar fight.

1100 block of 5th Avenue South: Banking information was reported stolen.

21900 block of Highway 99: A girl under the age of 18 reported someone was potentially following her.

22800 block of 76th Avenue West: A purse was found. Inside were suspected narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

23600 block of Highway 99: A driver was arrested for DUI.

April 19

23600 block of Highway 99: A shoplifter was arrested, cited and released.

23700 block of 104th Avenue West: A dog walker reported a suspicious man appearing at parks around the same time as them over the past several weeks.

21900 block of Highway 99: A man and woman were cited for theft and trespassing after attempting to shoplift from a business.

April 20

23500 block of Edmonds Way: Marks were discovered on the back of a vehicle. It is unknown how they occurred or where the damage happened.

23000 block of Highway 99: Four large storage burglaries were reported at a self-storage facility. Padlocks were cut. It’s unknown what was taken.

Intersection of 212th Street Southwest/76th Avenue West: A man stopped his car in the intersection then walked into the middle of the intersection while yelling at pedestrians.

21900 block of Highway 99: A shoplifter at a grocery store was arrested on a felony warrant.

April 21

21900 block of Highway 99: A customer at a restaurant attempted to pay using a counterfeit $20 bill. He explained he got the bill when he sold motorcycle parts in Yakima.

8100 block of 212nd Street Southwest: An investigation of a suspicious person lead to a warrant arrest.

April 22

22200 block of Highway 99: A woman allegedly assaulted another woman. Both parties were uncooperative with police.

7300 block of 213th Place Southwest: An incident of identity theft was reported.

23800 block of Edmonds Way: A victim was struck by a paintball while walking along Edmonds Way.

23500 block of Highway 99: A bag of food was stolen from a front porch.

23600 block of Highway 99: A woman was reported stealing clothes from a store and fleeing in a vehicle.

10700 block of 235th Place Southwest: A vehicle was reported stolen.

Intersection of 12th Avenue North and Main Street: A man was shot by a paintball while walking in the area. The suspects were in a passing car.

April 23

11200 block of Wide Hollow Road: A woman reported a domestic assault that occurred in a different city four days prior.

10600 block of Robin Hood Drive: A stolen identity was used to cash fraudulent checks.

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