Edmonds Police Blotter, April 3-9


April 3

20800 block 74th Avenue West: Stolen vehicle recovered, related to a burglary investigation.

200 block James Street: Victim reported forgery of personal check she wrote to a family memeber in December 2017.

23900 block 80th Way West: Police responded to a civil dispute over a box truck and employees of an unlicensed moving company.

900 block 9th Avenue South: Report of wrong license plate on a vehicle.

20500 block 88th Avenue West: A vehicle reported stolen out of Lynnwood was located in Edmonds.

22600 block 96th Avenue West: Unknown suspects attempted to burn miscellaneous items in an open field on a church property.

20300 block 92nd Avenue West: Two sets of keys were taken from an open garage attached to a residence.

April 4

8700 block 238th Street Southwest: Unsecured vehicle was prowled and contents of glovebox left on front passenger seat.

22500 block Highway 99: A woman reported her niece was in Edmonds with her boyfriend, a reported juvenile runaway who also had a felony warrant. The boyfriend was located in a vehicle, arrested on confirmed felony warrant for burglary and booked into Denny Youth Center.

5th Avenue and Main Street: Keys were found.

1100 block 6th Avenue South: Vehicle prowl reported.

21600 block 79th Avenue West: A married couple had a verbal dispute over vehicle car payments.

500 block Walnut Street: Passenger side window of vehicle was broken out.

8500 block 202nd Street Southwest: Verbal domestic dispute between mother and 13-year-old adoptive son results in father bringing boy to police department to talk with about his son’s behavioral issues.

23600 block Highway 99: A man attempting to shoplift was arrested for a misdemeanor warrant.

April 5

21900 block Highway 99: Police criminally trespassed a man from Winco at manager’s request.

7300 block 210th Street Southwest: Police recovered a stolen vehicle out of Seattle.

21900 block Highway 99: Subject had $20 stolen from change slot at Winco.

250 5th Ave. N.: A man made threats to commit suicide at the Edmonds Municipal Court.

7100 block 208th Street Southwest: Domestic dispute reported.

April 6

22600 block 76th Avenue West: Verbal domestic dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend leads to the girlfriend be taken to Swedish Hospital for a mental health exam.

21900 block Highway 99: Victim’s vehicle was broken into, but nothing taken.

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A man was trespassed from a local convenience store.

23500 block Edmonds Way. A man was arrested for DUI.

24100 block Highway 99: A man was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant.

April 7

21900 block Highway 99: A man reported his wallet was lost at a local business a day earlier.

23800 block 79th Avenue West: A woman reported a suspicious call from an ex-boyfriend whom she believes is dangerous.

23700 block 76th Avenue West: A woman told police she was concerned about her son’s ongoing behavioral issues.

April 8

88th Avenue West/196th Street Southwest: A woman was arrested for DUI and hit and run with property damage after a collision.

700 block Maple Street: A traffic stop for an equipment violation led to an arrest for driving with a suspended license.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A man left a restaurant without paying.

9500 block Firdale Avenue: Tools were stolen from a vehicle.

17600 block 69th Avenue West: A handgun was found under the seat of a vehicle that was reported stolen and recovered in Alaska then shipped to Washington.

21500 block Highway 99: Tools were stolen out of a vehicle.

1000 block 3rd Avenue South: An argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend led to a felony no-contact order arrest.

April 9

4400 block South 3rd Avenue: Edmonds K9 assisted Everett PD for a commercial burglary.

21700 block 76th Avenue West: A cell phone was lost on way to work.

23800 block 79th Avenue West: A suspicious note was found in a vehicle.

23600 block Highway 99: A purse was stolen from a local department store.


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