Edmonds Restaurant News special report: Enjoying birthday meals all month long


Happy Birthday to me!

I just love how the spring run of Seattle Restaurant Week always seems to hit my birthday.

At this stage of my life I celebrate on as many days as possible during April. And not just dining out during the same week — I’m down for the entire month.

Lunch Thursday, at one of our local participants in Seattle Restaurant week, featured a seafood chowder ,which I ordered without hesitation.

Seafood chowder at Salt & Iron

There’s a reason Salt & Iron keep winning awards for their clam chowder…

Each morsel of fish was tender and toothsome- plus the micro sprout toppings and twists of fresh pepper corn made every spoonful just delicious.

Even the flavors induced by the quick kiss of the grill on ciabatta toast added to the enjoyment of the first course.

Burgers are one of my favorite indulgences and it gets no better than the 8-oz. burger served up at Salt and Iron… Unless it is the amazing shiitake mushroom burger created by Chef Luis at Bar Dojo for the special James Beard Blended Burger project — alas not available at this moment .

To paraphrase some lyrics… I’ll love the one I’m with, and enjoy what’s on the plate in front of me.

The icing on the cake — albeit not a birthday cake but a lovely chocolate and coffee mousse torte — was the amazing Motown playlist that we got to hear as we dined.

Lunch to the musical stylings of my favorite R&B classic crooners… well, I say Let’s Get It On…I’m only a few days into April…lots more dishes to delve into and enjoy during my birthday month.

Kathy Passage and son Nick Baker enjoying a Salt & Iron burger.

Bon Birthday!

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