Five Corners reservoir recoating project to begin in mid-April


Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-April on the City’s Five Corners reservoir recoating Project.

The $2.8 million project, located on Bowdoin Way west of the Five Corners intersection, involves recoating the interior and exterior surfaces of the 1.5 million-gallon and 3 million-gallon reservoirs. The project will also structurally reinforce the roof of the 1.5 million-gallon reservoir and modify the overflow pipes, vents, railings, ladders, sample ports and manways on both reservoirs. Site piping will also be upgraded to improve the operation of the reservoirs and the City’s water system.

The project is anticipated to be completed in two phases. The first phase will complete work on the smaller reservoir and be finished by fall 2018. Improvements to the larger reservoir is the second phase and work is expected to begin in February 2019, with completion by summer 2019. The actual duration of construction may vary due to unforeseen conditions, a City of Edmonds announcement said.

Surface preparation of the reservoir will involve abrasive blasting, which will create construction noise during daytime hours. Containment covers will be used to control emissions generated during the paint removal and re-painting processes.

Water service impacts are not anticipated. The access road to Magnolia Lane Condominiums will experience brief traffic delays during underground utility work and material and equipment
deliveries. If the contractor utilizes access gates along the west side of the construct ion site there will also be brief traffic delays on Summit Lane. Traffic impacts are not anticipated on Bowdoin Way.


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