Have any of these trees growing in your garden?

Calling all small tree growers:
Recently our City of Edmonds horticulturist Debra Dill shared the names of some of her favorite trees. She also let us know about some trees to avoid. I am hoping some My Edmonds News readers may have these trees growing in their gardens and would be willing to have me take a picture. Or perhaps you have pictures of your trees.
The trees include:
Zelkova serrata “City Sprite” (Photo courtesy City of Portland)

Koelreuteria paniculata ”Coral Sun” (Photo courtesy bioimages.vanderbilt.edu)
Parrotia persica ”Persian Spire” (Photo courtesy bioimages.vanderbilt.edu)
These are trees that stay low and are appropriate in a smaller city garden. They also have interesting leaf colors changing through the season. If you are a local gardener who has grown one of these trees and would not mind it being photographed, send the information to [email protected] Publisher Teresa Wippel will then send your contact information to me.
In the future, I hope to share the names and pictures that Debra Dill has of trees she DOES NOT recommend.
Thanks for your help.
— Barbara Chase, Edmonds Tree Board

5 Replies to “Have any of these trees growing in your garden?”

  1. I’d like to know what the small tree is that lines the holding lanes for the Edmonds Ferry. Amazing interest anytime of the year.


  2. I’ll have to look into that. It’s always good to know trees with different season interest and apparently quite tough. As you no doubt have noticed not all tree make good street trees.


  3. In answer to Jack Harrington’s question about the trees alongside the ferry holding lane.

    Parks Director Rich Lindsay said those hawthorns were planted by the Department of Transportation 40 years ago.

    Many hawthorns have diseases so this could be a sturdy variety or were planted and cared for very well. Nice to know the name.


  4. Thank you, Barbara, on this wonderful information along with Debra Dill. As a Tree Board Commissioner, you have done a great job on your articles for My Edmonds News. This article came about two months ago when our newest Tree Board Member suggested that Tree Board create a brochure of “small trees” for those citizens that like their views but also like trees too. So, stay tuned. Our newest brochure from the Tree Board “Before You Grab the Chainsaw” will soon be available to the public and provides methods and ideas on trimming trees and methods of keeping your tree healthy and happy.


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