Letter to the editor: Right-turn lane needed off Hwy 104 to Pine Street


Dear Editor:

Today, after too many times to count, I watched two cars in my rear-view mirror speed down the ferry holding lane on 104, passing those traveling on the main road. If they had bothered to read the signs they were whizzing past, they might have noticed that you aren’t allowed to travel in that lane and that the holding lane has to yield to cars turning right onto Pine Street. The first car barreled past, but I was in front of the other car that was still speeding up from behind. I turned right and they yielded, but not without honking. It’s obvious that people are not reading the signage and this turn is dangerous for everyone.

I’d like to suggest that the city put in a right-turn lane here (there is space, the ferry traffic can simply hold farther back). In the meantime, larger and more flashy signs and flags are needed, perhaps with a warning of how much they’ll be fined if they travel in the holding lane.

Lisa Szilassy

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  1. I live on 3rd and Walnut and come home via this route. I absolutely agree that the current right turn onto Pine is dangerous and not clearly marked.


  2. It is certainly true that the turn onto Pine St. from 104 is very dangerous. We have nearly been rear-ended a number of times. Also, ferry traffic often blocks the street so it is impossible to turn onto Pine.


  3. If I lived off of Pine Street, when traffic is heavy on 104 I would divert to 5th Ave. S. and turn left into Pine Street.


    1. Heavy traffic does not seem to be a requirement either. With no ferry line at all when the speed limit was 40 MPH, I put on my right turn signal and began to brake to make the turn at Pine. A speeding car now tailgating me switched into the ferry lane and accelerated just as I began to cross that lane at the designated spot, then had to swerve back in total panic to avoid hitting me. Fortunately there was no one else around to wind up the target at that point.

      I also note, with ferry lines, drivers parked across most or all the signed and striped area, crosswalk included, where the signaled pedestrian crossing from City Park is located. To me, the visual cues are obvious at both locations. Equally obvious is that they are invisible to those who drive in a state of oblivion, a major symptom of ferry fever, as well as many other behind-the-wheel maladies.

      Perhaps this is a location for additional traffic calming measures?


      1. Another maneuver would be to first move into the ferry lane (traffic permitting of course), then make the right turn into Pine. Technically illegal, I presume, but much safer. There’s something in the Traffic Code about making right turns from the right-most lane….


  4. The only thing that has any chance of calming the ferry traffic is the issuance of traffic tickets – not warnings.


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